Favorite Projects 2011

Southern Hospitality is hosting a Top Projects of 2011 linky party.  So I thought it would be fun to look back and share my fav's from this year.  I have only been blogging consistently for a few months,  and I have really enjoyed seeing just how many talented ladies are out there! There is never any lack of inspiration in blog land that is for sure.   I wanted to start to blog about my crafts, so I would have motivation finish stuff I start ;) , but... I didn't realize I would make friends along the way!   Everyone that I have come across is so positive and tries to lift each other up, I just love that.   Crafting and turning old stuff into new is my passion in life, and it's really nice to share your love of something with so may others out there!  

So lets go back in time for a minute... These are my favorite projects of the year...

This definitely got me into the team spirit this year! ;) 

I found 2 of these lamps at a garage sale, with a little paint and fabric on the shade, no more grandma lamp!  I LOVE how these turned! 

When I saw this picture at Goodwill, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it.

This was one of the easiest projects of the year, just using rolled paper! 

The kids loved ripping these apart on Thanksgiving! 

This was for a friend, but will be making myself one next year! 

All of these projects were so fun for me to do, like I said before creating is my passion and I can't wait to do more in 2012!   I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has left a comment or email, it really means a lot when someone gives you props for something you put so much effort into.  Thanks for following along, and see you next year!!! :)

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diy monogram frame

Hello everybody!  Christmas came and went too fast for me! I can't believe it is already over, but we had a great time with our family all weekend.  I hope you all had a very blessed time as well!   I meant to post this last minute gift idea BEFORE Christmas, but I decided to just relax and enjoy the time instead.   
But, this is my go to gift, not just for Christmas, if I need something quick, it is such a simple idea and you can change it up anyway you'd like.  And it is very inexpensive, which is even better! 

My little boy has a teacher that comes over every Friday and works with him on his speech, since he was a very late talker.  But now he basically leads the session!  She says not many of the kids she sees get to his level by the time she is done with them, so I am really thankful for that!   I wanted to give her a little something for Christmas and a "thanks for teaching my kid to talk" gift. ;) 

scarpbook paper
an initial letter

1. I got everything from Hobby Lobby, of course, my favorite place.  They have different sizes and shapes of letters there.
2. Trace the glass onto your scrapbook paper and cut it out.
3. Glue pretty side of paper to the glass.  I used modge podge.   You don't even have to glue the paper, you can just put the paper in the frame.  
After that, I Gorilla Glued the letter onto the glass in the middle of the frame.  The total for this was under $8! 

And it looks like this, there are so many variations on this idea, with as many scrapbook paper designs out there, you can match this to any decor!  I think I have made one for everyone in my family ;) 

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Christmas Wreath 2.0

A friend of mine asked me where he could find a good wreath, I said well... let me just make you one!

He requested a "sweet bachelor wreath"...  Hmmm I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that ;)  SO I sent him a few I had seen on Pinterest and he chose this style.  I added the black to try and "man" it up a bit.   This was pretty simple, just add a little bit at a time and work your way up until you like how it looks.  That is what I did anyway. 
I really like this look and wish I would have made this kind for myself, I guess we still have a couple weeks before Christmas... ;) 

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Cookie Exchange Contenders

I'm going to my first Cookie Exchange this weekend at my friend Natalie's house.  I thought I would put together a list of cookies that I think sound amazing!  I have such a major sweet tooth, so hopefully I can narrow it down and pick one :)

Cookies and Cream Cookies???  Just by the looks of this one, I'd say it's deelish. 

Rolo... Cookie... Wow. 

These are Oreo's covered in white chocolate with peppermint sprinkled on top.   My boss' daughter sent him some last year, he left them at work and I ended up eating them all! LOL  I have to make these at some point this year.  I love taste of the Oreo with the crunchy peppermint bites.  So good.

S'mores Cookie I have pinned at least 7 different kind of s'mores cookies.  I could probably eat a S'more every day.  It's true.  I make them for myself all the time...  This is another cookie I must try.

I just think these are so pretty.  Mine would never come out like that though! 

This one is called Two Toned Cinnamon Cookie from Better Homes and Gardens

Peanut butter pretzel bites. Maybe with a chocolate chip cookie in the middle!

And now how about just some really cute ones that I will never try to attempt!



I can't wait to try one of these cookies out, and pig out on everyone else's cookies :)
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Handmade Ornament ~ (gift idea)

I just love to make gifts for other people.  I guess it's because it gives me an excuse to make something, and then I can get rid of it, instead of it piling up in my guest room! No, but really, I love to create things and I think sometimes it's more special to get something some one has made especially for you, than maybe something from a store.
I made my girlfriends these Photo Ornaments this year.  They were SO easy to do, this took less than one episode of the Real Housewives of BH.  That's about how I have to measure my time, I always do my stuff while I'm watching my shows. ;) 

I opened the picture I wanted to use into Word and then was able to make it small enough to fit into the bulb.  Hobby Lobby has different sizes of clear ornaments. 
Then glued it to scrapbook paper, then rolled it up so it would fit into the hole and stuck it in there.
 I made one last year with all the cousins with Santa in it.  I think its such a cute way to keep memories and you can add to your tree every year! 

Here is a great tutorial from House of Smiths with pictures on how to make it, along with other gift ideas.    I love Shelley from House of Smiths.  She is one of my favorite bloggers!  I have ordered from her and had questions for her and she is always so sweet and personal when she responds.

Anyway, I just love how this Photo Ornament turned out and you should try it too! 

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Peppermint Lollipops

My friend gave me the cutest ornament this year, tiny lollipops in a jar.  I LOVE tiny stuff when it looks like food! Doesn't tiny stuff just make you want to squeal?! No, just me? Ok, Anyway ;)... I thought it would be so fun to have a bigger size version to display this year!

I started out with glitter paint, Styrofoam disks ( they come in a 6 pack) and kabob skewers.  
After squeezing and squeezing the glitter paint onto it, it looked like this, my hand throbbing when it was done but it looked cute! ;)  

Once it dried, which did take a LONG time, I wrapped them with plain ol' cling wrap and tied them with a ribbon.  Dollar General has cute ribbon for $1.
I got this large jar from Hobby Lobby to put them in.

I think the total for the Lollipops was around $5 for 6.  These would look adorable as ornaments as well!  I love that snow man too! He is from Pier 1, have you seen their commercials "what speaks to you?", this little guy spoke to me and I just had to get it! :)
Hope you are all having a great time getting ready for Christmas! 

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