Sunday, December 11, 2011

Handmade Ornament ~ (gift idea)

I just love to make gifts for other people.  I guess it's because it gives me an excuse to make something, and then I can get rid of it, instead of it piling up in my guest room! No, but really, I love to create things and I think sometimes it's more special to get something some one has made especially for you, than maybe something from a store.
I made my girlfriends these Photo Ornaments this year.  They were SO easy to do, this took less than one episode of the Real Housewives of BH.  That's about how I have to measure my time, I always do my stuff while I'm watching my shows. ;) 

I opened the picture I wanted to use into Word and then was able to make it small enough to fit into the bulb.  Hobby Lobby has different sizes of clear ornaments. 
Then glued it to scrapbook paper, then rolled it up so it would fit into the hole and stuck it in there.
 I made one last year with all the cousins with Santa in it.  I think its such a cute way to keep memories and you can add to your tree every year! 

Here is a great tutorial from House of Smiths with pictures on how to make it, along with other gift ideas.    I love Shelley from House of Smiths.  She is one of my favorite bloggers!  I have ordered from her and had questions for her and she is always so sweet and personal when she responds.

Anyway, I just love how this Photo Ornament turned out and you should try it too! 

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  1. I love this...such a personal gift. I'd like to invite you to come over and join my special ornament link party... open the rest of this month.. I also have a FAB ornament giveaway you can enter. Hope you can check it out!

  2. that turned out great I'd love you to add it to my What We Wore and Made link party over at

  3. What a wonderful keepsake! I love ornaments with photos on them! Would you please share this with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?