Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Soliciting Sign

We have a terrible problem with solicitors in our neighborhood!  At least once a week someone would ring our door bell, it was really annoying.  I wanted a no soliciting sign, but of course I didn't want one of those generic kind you buy at the store.  It had to be pretty! :)

So over the summer I made this sign to go with my Lima bean wreath (I posted about the wreath a long time ago here).  Lima bean wreath has gone through many changes.  Green, black, I think it was orange, I don't know I lost track!  This summer I just said why not put every color I have on there! lol  This will probably be its last leg though, its not looking too good anymore, every time I touch it, another bean falls off.  He lived a good life though ;)
So, anyway back to the sign.. It has worked like a charm! No more solicitors after I put this thing up! A couple of weeks ago I put up my OU Wreath so I had to take my sign down. it didn't match duh! ;) And wouldn't you know some one actually came by to sell us a new mailbox! sheesh!  
Time for a new sign! 
Here's what I did.

Supplies needed: 
2 sizes wood plaque. Hobby Lobby has lots of sizes and shapes in the unfinished wood section.  They are all under $1.50 too! 
Scrapbook paper
spray paint
twine or yarn to hang

I just used my original sign by taking off the front plaque and the scrapbook paper.
1.  Spray paint edges of larger wood piece
2. Make an outline of the shape by putting your paper on top and running your finger along the edge to make a crease.  (this is just my way, you may think of another way to trace your shape)
3. You can kind of see how the crease makes a guideline for your shape.
4. Cut along the crease you made and glue to plaque!

Once the paper was glued on, I used Gorilla Glue to add the sign to the larger plaque and stapled twine to the back for hanging. I used my silhouette machine for the words, but Hob Lob sells all kinds of letters that can be used.
SO SIMPLE and I think the solicitors will get the hint! :)

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  1. I LOve this!!!! I´m crazy about the newspaper in the background!!! Thanks for inspiring! Clau

  2. I need one of these soooo bad! Very, very cute! I may have to borrow your idea!! Thanks so much for sharing! Visiting from craft-o-matic.

  3. That looks nice, and cool wreath by the way!;)
    Thank you for your lovely comment!;))

    Lovely greetings...


  4. I have been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. I put the No Soliciting Sign, on my front door since it has an adhesive backing. It works well as I have not been bothered by anyone, especially considering it is during a political season. THANKS for sharing!!!!