Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Wreath 2.0

A friend of mine asked me where he could find a good wreath, I said well... let me just make you one!

He requested a "sweet bachelor wreath"...  Hmmm I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that ;)  SO I sent him a few I had seen on Pinterest and he chose this style.  I added the black to try and "man" it up a bit.   This was pretty simple, just add a little bit at a time and work your way up until you like how it looks.  That is what I did anyway. 
I really like this look and wish I would have made this kind for myself, I guess we still have a couple weeks before Christmas... ;) 

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  1. LOve the "man" wreath! They always say mechanics are good friends to know but I disagree I think its crafter...LOL

  2. love this! will have to remember and try this for next year! thanks for sharing ;)

  3. I LOVE your wreath! It turned out so cute...I love anything with initials too! I'm your newest follower from the craftomaniac party. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along too!

  4. This turned out amazing! I found it on a linky and HAD to look at it. I wrote the tutorial you used from SugarBeeCrafts! I have featured your version at Grits and Giggles. Come grab a featured button!

  5. that wreath is awesome! great job stopping by delightfully noted's blog and loving yours :-)

  6. Oh my goodness! I love this wreath ~ the colors are awesome. : )

  7. Ha! I love that his request included the phrase, "sweet bachelor wreath." The lime green in this wreath really caught my eye. And it looks great with the black embellishments.