Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy this fall, we've had weddings, my birthday, Halloween, parties, showers, now the holidays are flying by.
My friend Katy's wedding is coming fast, we found the perfect bridesmaids dresses that we all ended up loving. The color is beautiful and we all look great in it I must say :)
Here's a little preview.
Afterwards, Alli, Jessica, and I stopped off at MacDonald's to get a chocolate dipped cone. It was dark by this point, so I was just enjoying my cone in the back seat. I thought a little piece of the chocolate had fallen off into my lap, but it was so dark I couldn't feel it to find it, so I thought I must not have. Well when I got home my shirt looked like this! Haha I guess the chocolate was a little more drippy than I thought! lol lol

Oh that makes me laugh.

Anyways, the trees have all changed by now and leaves are falling off. Here are some pretty ones outside of my office, its right on the canal and there are the same three ducks that always splash around.

Then came Halloween. Carter was a monkey, and adorable one at that. :)

He didn't like it at first, but once I showed him the candy bowl everything was fine.

He got a hold of a Kit Kat and before I knew it he had chocolate ALL over his face, he was VERY upset when I took it away! I'm sure he was thinking that was the best thing he'd ever tasted. We dressed him up for trick or treaters at our house. We had quite a few this year, and of course we couldn't forget Weezy, Senor Scared himself.

He was nervous the whole time.

After Carter went to bed, Grandma and Grandpa stayed home and we headed to Jessica and Jarrett's housewarming/Halloween party. It was a lot of fun.

We have the Queen of Hearts, Saloon Girl, Amy Winehouse, Troll, and Brigitte Neilsen. We all made treats for the party, we girls love making treats for any occasion! I made these dirt cake cups.

After Halloween I don't think we have had a free weekend, and won't until after January 10th. That's ok at least we will be making lots of memories with family and friends.

This is what our weeknights look like around 6:30, Carter's favorite show Wheel of Fortune, we just like to call it Wheel. ;) He and dad trying to guess the clues. As soon as he hears the first tick of the wheel he perks up and stops whatever he is doing, stares at the TV and doesn't stop until commercial, then he gets mad it's not on. Really it is so funny how much it captivates him!

On the 14th of November we threw Katy a bridal shower at my house, once again we went crazy with the treats!

We played a newlywed type game with questions like, where was your first kiss and emailed Chris for his answers before the party. Jennie held up his and Katy wrote her answers, it was a fun game for a shower. This question was "what is one thing of Chris' that Katy will get rid of the first chance she gets?"

She has hated those things for years! Haha It was a good time of hanging with the girls, I don't get much time with them any more so when we get together it's like I am recharged with laughter. Our lives have changed SO much in the past year or so. We are married, I have a kid. It's crazy. You always know things can't stay the same forever, but you never know how or when they will change. Making treats and crafts are my favorite things to do now, I'm becoming a regular ol' Martha Stewart. I love it though. Here are a couple things I am working on now.

A photo board for my niece Emma, she just started Kindergarten this year, so my sister said she needs something for pictures and other papers she wants to hang up. I also found this frame at Goodwill, I've only sprayed it white so far... still thinking of what to do with it.

My sister was in town the week of Thanksgiving so we took the kids to North Pole City, a Christmas wonderland. I will have to go back without Carter though. Not much looking going on when he's around! :) We got the grand kids picture taken with Santa there. We actually got a good picture, they are all smiling and looking at the camera. This Santa was the most authentic I've ever seen.

He even told the real story of Christmas before the photo. Then we walked around, I tried to find a babies first Christmas ornament between chasing Carter behind desks and into the stock room.

This is my dream tree. I love snowmen and red and white, they are so happy and cute!

I saw this canister and had to have it. The cost $39. Really? Eh no thanks.
I'll just try to make it.

I got this canister at Hobby Lobby and sprayed the lid white and glued this snowman fam I found at Hob Lob on the top. There's three snowmen for the three of us, and the bird in front for Weez! ;) Im going to put fake snow and candy cane's in it next.

We are SO SO busy from here until the beginning of 2010! How has the timed passed so fast?! I'll post more holiday festivities later!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

happy baby

Untitled from Kimberly on Vimeo.

Maybe it's because I'm his mom, but I could watch this over and over! :)

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Take a couple graham crackers, spread peanut butter on them. Sprinkle chocolate chips over the peanut butter, and pile on marshmallows. Put in the oven for 5 minutes and you get this!

A perfect late night treat!!! So delicious, I like LOTS of 'mallows on mine.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

slowly but surely

Carter turned 9 months old on Thursday. He started walking all by himself on Sunday! He just stands right up and starts going. He is slow but he can go for quite a ways before he decides he wants to get where he's going faster by crawling. Just in the past few days he has gotten better.
I hope this video works!

Untitled from kimberly dain on Vimeo.

He gave up his pacifier a LONG time ago, but now he loves chewing on it. He usually has it hanging out the side of his mouth with a big grin begind it!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 8th Month

These days time is flying faster than I thought it ever could. In the first 6 weeks of Carter's life a week seemed like a day and a day could seem like a week, I was adjusting to a whole new world and it wasn't easy! He has changed so much over his 8 months of life. And I can now say I'm a pro at being a mom. Boogers- no problem. Poop - not that big of a deal if it gets on me now, it washes right off ;) Holding him and 5 bags of groceries, diaper bag and unlocking the car -just another day in the life. Changing a diaper to a boy who won't sit still for one second - simple.
He now flips to his belly the minute I lay him down to change it. It seems like years ago when he couldn't roll over, or even lift his head.

He's no longer a tiny baby, he is a person with real emotions, not just hungry and sleepy. He will get devistated when we shut a bedroom door right before he crawls in. He is happy to see me when I get home from work, with swinging arms and a huge smile.
He has been crawling for a couple months now, and let me tell you he is fast. I see him across the room turn away, turn right back around and he's at my heels, AH! Like a scary movie when someone shows up out of no where. lol
He loves everything he isn't supposed to have, like in our guest room, aka, my storage for future "projects"
oh hi mom, should I not be in here?

He is his own person, saying "uh" "mmm" and other grunting sounds. He lights up when its time to eat. He knows his name and understands what I am saying I just know it. :)
He has 6 teeth and another one coming in on top.

He can stand alone for long periods of time, and he loves to watch... the weathermen? yes his favorite thing is Rick Mitchell our local weather guy. Before he could even crawl when his theme song came on Carter would stop and stare for the whole thing, then go right back to what he was doing. Its pretty hilarious.
Still watching... just can't get enough..
He is such a big boy now, everyday I don't think I can love something that much, but everyday I just love him more! The months are going by faster and faster, I hope I never forget how special this time is!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally! Done with the my table and chairs

This is my table before, (can you tell I have a baby?) it is just solid wood, clear finish, very sturdy, and I like the look of it so I thought it would be easy to just refinish it. Then I decided to just paint it. Little did I know it would take me about 3 months to finish!

This is the whole dining area before, the blond wood with the yellow walls all faded together, and was very drab, the picture on the wall added nothing but boredom also. Everything was exactly the same color. ugh it needed an update.

The first thing I did was sand it all over, not even a hardcore sanding really only enough to rough it up, it was very hot that day back in late May. I wasn't a big fan of the sanding part.
Then we did 3 coats of brown paint, I wanted the brown to show through the black like aged a little. This was the most time consuming part because of the dry times.

It turned out like this. I like it, although it doesn't show up in real life very well, so for the chairs I skipped the brown and just did black, it was a little too much work for not enough results.

So I got done with the table and then I had to do the chairs, I was just going to have them recovered and paint them, but I couldn't find any fabric I liked and I was very ready to get this project done. The chairs set around the table primed for about a month. So little by little I carefully painted around the fabric. But finally it is done! I'm still working on the wall decor in this area. I love that star, but haven't come up with a solution for what to put with it. I also spray painted the tacky gold light fixture. It looks completely different and really adds to the table I think.

Before, Yuk! a little dusty

After MUCH better, cleaning it alone made it look different! lol

So here it is the whole dining area, it took forever, but I'm SO glad I did it, I feel like it really brings a new feeling to the space!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Before and After Party

I have really been wanting to make something with chalkboard paint ever since I found out about it. It comes in spray paint even. So when I found this thing at the Goodwill I saw its potential.
A dark blue frame with a rose tinted flower bouquet. The frame didn't even match the print inside? Oh well I knew it could be my chalkboard Ive been looking for. Only $3!
Here is how it turned out!

Much Better!

I just took the glass from the print and scratched it up with sandpaper then put about 4 coats of spray chalkboard paint on it. Sprayed it white and then used tan paint I already had to paint the lattice part inside. Now I just need to find a place to hang it, its just sitting on a bench in our living room for now. So I think the total for this was about 10 bucks, with the spray paint.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Garage Sale Find

Ok before I started to read all these blogs out there I really had no interest in garage sales, and especially the Goodwill. Well that has changed. After reading this blog I was inspired! She does amazing transformations using things she finds at Goodwill and garage sales.

I love crafty stuff and didn't realize I could use that "skill" to transform junk into things that look new, (ok maybe different, not new :) ). Once I saw thrifty decor chicks blog my mind was racing with ideas. So I started garage saleing;
I found this...It's a tray for $2. This is the back of it because I was so excited about redoing it, I forgot to take a before picture of the front. It looked the same, with painted flowers in the middle. So after some spray paint, I turned it into this...

To do the letters I printed out our name from word, in font I liked, then used an exacto knife to cut it out. (I have a lot of time on my hands at work sometimes). Then used a sponge brush to add green paint. SO easy! Here is a better explanation of the stenciling.

I just love doing these things! I like to think about who may have painted the tray in the first place, when was it and where did it come from? What all has this little tray seen over its life, ya know!? Ok anyways...

I found this little gem at the Goodwill, its my current project. My projects take a few weeks to complete. I only do about 30 minutes of work on them at a time, because of the little guy.

This thing is really hideous. But I think I can make it into something cute! Hopefully.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ready for Fall

My favorite season has always been the summertime. Recently I have found my self loving fall more and more. I think this is because I haven't had school to dread. Now life just goes on as usual through summer and into fall.
I am so ready for it this year. I'm ready for cooler weather, where you can still get away with flip flops, but wear a long sleeve shirt. The sun is so hot in the summer and even the look of outside is like a sauna. It seems like in the fall the sun gives off a softer glow to the outdoors.
I enjoy the laid back feel of fall, and to be honest I'm ready for it to get dark earlier. Not too early but a little. The fall also means football, eh I don't really care about it, but I did enjoy making treats for Jamie and his friends last year for the games.

Everything is turning orange and gold like the trees are going to rest a little before going into full hibernation for the winter. I hope this fall we have time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Also, another time in fall I like is Halloween, Not the dressing up part, I'm over that. Halloween is always the real turning point into cooler weather. After Halloween last year I found some adorable treats to make and couldn't wait until this year to make them! :)

Little wienie mummies. How cute! I can hardly stand how much I love when food looks like something else! Especially little animals and stuff. This would be so easy to make, just wrap biscuit dough around a hot dog!

And these.. !!

I know, Halloween is far away still, but I have had these little things saved for a while and I just couldn't keep their cuteness to myself anymore.

Speaking of cuteness. I have been thinking of ideas for Carter's Halloween costume. How darling would he be in this!

He will be almost 10 months old by then! :( I have a feeling he will be walking too. Here is another funny one I came across.

Its still the middle of summer but in my mind I have gone on to fall, and it can't get here soon enough! :)

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