Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy this fall, we've had weddings, my birthday, Halloween, parties, showers, now the holidays are flying by.
My friend Katy's wedding is coming fast, we found the perfect bridesmaids dresses that we all ended up loving. The color is beautiful and we all look great in it I must say :)
Here's a little preview.
Afterwards, Alli, Jessica, and I stopped off at MacDonald's to get a chocolate dipped cone. It was dark by this point, so I was just enjoying my cone in the back seat. I thought a little piece of the chocolate had fallen off into my lap, but it was so dark I couldn't feel it to find it, so I thought I must not have. Well when I got home my shirt looked like this! Haha I guess the chocolate was a little more drippy than I thought! lol lol

Oh that makes me laugh.

Anyways, the trees have all changed by now and leaves are falling off. Here are some pretty ones outside of my office, its right on the canal and there are the same three ducks that always splash around.

Then came Halloween. Carter was a monkey, and adorable one at that. :)

He didn't like it at first, but once I showed him the candy bowl everything was fine.

He got a hold of a Kit Kat and before I knew it he had chocolate ALL over his face, he was VERY upset when I took it away! I'm sure he was thinking that was the best thing he'd ever tasted. We dressed him up for trick or treaters at our house. We had quite a few this year, and of course we couldn't forget Weezy, Senor Scared himself.

He was nervous the whole time.

After Carter went to bed, Grandma and Grandpa stayed home and we headed to Jessica and Jarrett's housewarming/Halloween party. It was a lot of fun.

We have the Queen of Hearts, Saloon Girl, Amy Winehouse, Troll, and Brigitte Neilsen. We all made treats for the party, we girls love making treats for any occasion! I made these dirt cake cups.

After Halloween I don't think we have had a free weekend, and won't until after January 10th. That's ok at least we will be making lots of memories with family and friends.

This is what our weeknights look like around 6:30, Carter's favorite show Wheel of Fortune, we just like to call it Wheel. ;) He and dad trying to guess the clues. As soon as he hears the first tick of the wheel he perks up and stops whatever he is doing, stares at the TV and doesn't stop until commercial, then he gets mad it's not on. Really it is so funny how much it captivates him!

On the 14th of November we threw Katy a bridal shower at my house, once again we went crazy with the treats!

We played a newlywed type game with questions like, where was your first kiss and emailed Chris for his answers before the party. Jennie held up his and Katy wrote her answers, it was a fun game for a shower. This question was "what is one thing of Chris' that Katy will get rid of the first chance she gets?"

She has hated those things for years! Haha It was a good time of hanging with the girls, I don't get much time with them any more so when we get together it's like I am recharged with laughter. Our lives have changed SO much in the past year or so. We are married, I have a kid. It's crazy. You always know things can't stay the same forever, but you never know how or when they will change. Making treats and crafts are my favorite things to do now, I'm becoming a regular ol' Martha Stewart. I love it though. Here are a couple things I am working on now.

A photo board for my niece Emma, she just started Kindergarten this year, so my sister said she needs something for pictures and other papers she wants to hang up. I also found this frame at Goodwill, I've only sprayed it white so far... still thinking of what to do with it.

My sister was in town the week of Thanksgiving so we took the kids to North Pole City, a Christmas wonderland. I will have to go back without Carter though. Not much looking going on when he's around! :) We got the grand kids picture taken with Santa there. We actually got a good picture, they are all smiling and looking at the camera. This Santa was the most authentic I've ever seen.

He even told the real story of Christmas before the photo. Then we walked around, I tried to find a babies first Christmas ornament between chasing Carter behind desks and into the stock room.

This is my dream tree. I love snowmen and red and white, they are so happy and cute!

I saw this canister and had to have it. The cost $39. Really? Eh no thanks.
I'll just try to make it.

I got this canister at Hobby Lobby and sprayed the lid white and glued this snowman fam I found at Hob Lob on the top. There's three snowmen for the three of us, and the bird in front for Weez! ;) Im going to put fake snow and candy cane's in it next.

We are SO SO busy from here until the beginning of 2010! How has the timed passed so fast?! I'll post more holiday festivities later!

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