Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 8th Month

These days time is flying faster than I thought it ever could. In the first 6 weeks of Carter's life a week seemed like a day and a day could seem like a week, I was adjusting to a whole new world and it wasn't easy! He has changed so much over his 8 months of life. And I can now say I'm a pro at being a mom. Boogers- no problem. Poop - not that big of a deal if it gets on me now, it washes right off ;) Holding him and 5 bags of groceries, diaper bag and unlocking the car -just another day in the life. Changing a diaper to a boy who won't sit still for one second - simple.
He now flips to his belly the minute I lay him down to change it. It seems like years ago when he couldn't roll over, or even lift his head.

He's no longer a tiny baby, he is a person with real emotions, not just hungry and sleepy. He will get devistated when we shut a bedroom door right before he crawls in. He is happy to see me when I get home from work, with swinging arms and a huge smile.
He has been crawling for a couple months now, and let me tell you he is fast. I see him across the room turn away, turn right back around and he's at my heels, AH! Like a scary movie when someone shows up out of no where. lol
He loves everything he isn't supposed to have, like in our guest room, aka, my storage for future "projects"
oh hi mom, should I not be in here?

He is his own person, saying "uh" "mmm" and other grunting sounds. He lights up when its time to eat. He knows his name and understands what I am saying I just know it. :)
He has 6 teeth and another one coming in on top.

He can stand alone for long periods of time, and he loves to watch... the weathermen? yes his favorite thing is Rick Mitchell our local weather guy. Before he could even crawl when his theme song came on Carter would stop and stare for the whole thing, then go right back to what he was doing. Its pretty hilarious.
Still watching... just can't get enough..
He is such a big boy now, everyday I don't think I can love something that much, but everyday I just love him more! The months are going by faster and faster, I hope I never forget how special this time is!

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