Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring door {with cardboard bunnies}

Yes, cardboard, that is exactly what I used to make this little spring sign for our front door! I have been working on and off on this project for like 3 weeks now.  Even though, it was super easy to make, I just did parts of it here and there.  It was made from stuff I had laying around the house and I think most crafters have these things laying around too. 

Let me show you how easy and cheap this was to do!
Cardboard box
Wooden Letters
Hot and Tacky Glue

Last week I shared how I made the bow, so easy! 

The frame I used had been sitting in my craft closet forever and was hot pink, it was a little too bright, so I painted it light blue.  Well, I painted it outside and totally forgot to bring it in, and of course it rained that night!  I brought it in the next day and looked it over.. and it actually looked kind of cool! A for real weathered look ;)  I loved how the pink showed through too! It's funny how accidents can turn out to be better than you intended.

I just love how it came out!! I originally wanted it to say welcome, but I really didn't want to buy more letters, so I just used some letters I had.  
I love how the burlap is see through, so it makes it a little lighter and airier, it reminds me of a screen door. And how the bunnies have that texture to them. LOVE!
This was so simple!! And the possibilities are endless with the cardboard, you could make a chick or a letter, stars for the 4th, or anything you can think of.  I will definitely be using this again in future projects. 

I'm so happy Spring is here, it means, garage sales, spray paint, picnics (alright, I really don't go on that many picnics but I vow to this year, ok?) ;) 

Happy Wednesday!! 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden Cake {Yay for Spring!}

I am so excited that spring is here! It is my favorite season, everything is so fresh and bright, it's just a happy time!
Since it is Spring, and garden season, I wanted to share this cake my friend and I made last year.
The Garden Cake
This was for our other friend who started her own garden last Spring.  This is my favorite cake I have made.  My friend Jessica and I worked on this together and I think it is just so cute! For one, I love tiny things, and tiny food, just makes me want to squeal! ;) I can't get enough of cakes that look like something else!!

We had three colors of green, red, and orange coloring that we mixed with white fondant to make the veggies.   The dirt is crushed up Teddy Grahams.  
This was really fun to do, and not too hard, it just took a long time to get all those little details done!  If you haven't ever worked with fondant, you should, it'll take you back to the days of playing with play-doh.  Or if you're like me with a toddler, you probably already have a lot of play-doh practice. :)
It was tough to cut into the agricultural masterpiece ;) but it was fun while it lasted!! 

And since I am just so happy it is Spring I thought I would share some more tiny adorableness that made my heart skip a beat :)

I hope you have a wonderfully Springy weekend! :)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy anniversary... thanks to God

Today is my husband and I's anniversary.  We have been married 3 years now sometimes it seems like longer and other times it seems like yesterday that we got married.
When we got married our son was 2 months old. It sounds so weird to me now to think we were not even married when he was born.   When we found out we were going to have a baby it was QUITE a surprise to say the least.  I was living with my best friends, having the time of my life.  Then, with one little blue line, my whole life changed in an instant.  Jamie and I hadn't even talked about getting married before this point, we were really not even that serious, we loved each other but we were no way ready to go to the next step! Much less have a kid! lol
at a George Straight concert in '08
My family wanted me to get married right then, but I was so unsure about everything. I was scared, confused, and didn't really know what to do, but I didn't want to get married because of what everyone else was telling me to do.  That is how I saw it then.
about to pop 2 weeks before Carter was born
Then we had Carter, and that in its self was so life changing, at that point I didn't know who I was, I had a baby, (whoa.) living with my (by this time) fiance (double whoa), unmarried (what?).  It was almost as if I was living outside of my body looking in.  How did I get to this point, I felt like I had no control of my life, and I started blaming myself for being so careless and getting pregnant without being married.  I thought this is not the life I was supposed to have.  I was feeling really sorry for myself.  But at the same time I kept it all inside.  From the outside, my life looked really fantastic, like it was everything I had wanted. But I felt really alone.
Easter 3 years ago
Things were... different the first few months of being married, we had a tiny baby, and had to adjust to getting to know one another and rely on each other for everything, and learn to put the other one first, which was very hard for the both of us in the beginning, and still is sometimes.
I still had these same feeling of things should be different, Jamie should do this or that and everything would be better.   Because of this I was not a good wife, and didn't even know how to be one.   Jamie had not been a bad husband, during this time, he did the best he could, learning as he went, I just kept thinking its not good enough, if only he was like this or that.
I was raised in church in a Christian home, I knew that there had to be a solution for how I was feeling and needed God to help me because I could not change my mentality on my own.  I had tried for a while and it wasn't changing. I felt like I had failed God by not following His will in the first place and having Carter before we were married, so this was just the way I was going to have to live.  I was stuck in a totally downer state of mind, if you will.

Then I went to a bible study with my mom at church, this completely changed me.  I realized, that nothing happens beyond what God wants to allow.  Jamie was the one that God had meant for me to be with otherwise he wouldn't have allowed us to have Carter. Even though it wasn't the way God would have had us go about it, he still allowed it.   After realizing this, it was like a weight was lifted off, and I knew that I needed to ask God to change myself, and to stop looking at how I felt in the situation.  I was putting my own feeling before anything else and as a wife, that is not how God wants me to be.  I also realized that I needed to really seek God's Word, for my life to be completely happy.  I always "knew" this growing up in church, but never really put it into practice.  And what a difference it makes!  I have changed because of this, not so much on the outside, I still am who I am, but on the inside.  I no longer struggle with myself, thinking, oh things should be a certain way then I will be happy.  Our life is exactly how God intended it to be, and instead of focusing on how I think it should be, I now focus on the present and how I can make it the very best.  I love Jamie so much, I always did, but I was consumed with my own selfish feelings that I didn't make him my top priority.  By doing this it has made such a difference in our marriage. The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make  a helper suitable for him." (Genesis 2:18)  I want to make Jamie happy and be there for him in every way, with respect, and encouragement.   I still fail at this, sometimes I get upset and think ah if only he would do exactly what I want! lol, but then I am reminded... Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:22)
Last year, Jamie wanted a new dog, he basically claimed the dog without going over it with me and I was protesting and "putting my foot down". I did not want another dog to clean up after, to feed, and it was a Chihuahua.  All I thought was a little yappy dog always barking and, I just said no.  I was really mad about the whole thing.  Well then God reminded me that Jamie is the head of the house and I should go with what he wants.  So I changed my heart, and said, if that is what he wants even though I don't, then so be it. And let me tell you, our little Chihuahua never makes a peep! He is the quietest dog I've ever known. lol. and the sweetest and I couldn't imagine our family without him.  I know that it is a really silly example, but to me it is just a little reminder of the blessings that come by doing what God wants.

Today is our 3 year anniversary and I am happier now than I ever have been in our marriage, and I know that it is because of God!   It is not always perfect because I am not perfect, but at least I know and believe that there is a right way and when I am following the will of God things are much better. I still have a lot to learn but I have a target to aim for, you know.

And here is to every year getting better and BETTER! :)  Thank you Lord!

Ok, this was pretty long and personal, if you're still there I hope I didn't scare you off! ;)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

quick felt bow

I am working on a little Easter sign for our front door, I still have a little to do on it, but I can't wait to show you because it was sooo easy and sooo cheap! My favorite kinds of course! 
First I thought I would show you a little piece that is part of my new sign.  The quick felt bow...
This was very simple, by just using a circle and strip of felt and hot glue.  I love using felt, it is so easy to work with, there are many many colors, and its so cheap!  And this little bow adds a cute touch to the sign I am working on, hopefully I can finish it this week! 
Until then, have a good one! :)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fabric Scrap Wreath

Hello! I wanted to share this fun wreath I made over the weekend with you guys.  It was really easy and best of all, I used everything I already had on hand! Score! 
I started off with my Valentines Wreath and took the red burlap off, which left me with a blank wreath. Then, wrapped it with strips of white flannel that I had left over from my Lamp Makeover.  My hubby got me a new sewing machine for Valentines Day, (I was so surprised and excited, by the way!)  So, I already had the fabric on hand too, from testing it out.
I knew I wanted to do a one sided look, like this one and this one.  And, after gathering my scraps this is how it turned out!

Once I wrapped the flannel all the way around, I scrunched and pinned, with straight pins, the polka dot and houndstooth fabric into place.  Very EASY! As for the D, I guess I did have to buy something, it was only like 1.99 though at Hobby Lobby. I think Hobby Lobby needs to sponsor me because I mention them in every post! ha! I am up there all the time, even Carter likes going to "Hobby Wobby". 
So anyway, I sprayed the D black and used a paint pen to give it a stitched look.  
Added a flower and bam that was it! 

I have so many scraps of stuff laying around the house, so it was really nice to reuse some of it! 

I also love how this can stay up through the summer because it is so bright and cheery. I can't stop making wreaths though, as you can see 3 of the 4 most popular posts are wreaths ------> 
LOL So, I'll probably get the itch to make another one before then. ;) 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Healthy Living {recipes and workouts}

Hi Guys! Ok so I was doing really well at eating healthy and working out.. yea was.  I think I do it every time I start to eat better, I get burnt out on it after a few weeks.  Boo.  I know that I feel better when I eat and exercise better, so it is so crazy that I some how go back to eating french fries and soda.  Boo again.
Lack of planning again is the culprit.  No good food for dinner means fast food.  The past couple of weeks, I did slip off and eat poorly and I only went to the gym once I think.
Well it is a new week! I have made my weekly meal plan and am not going to let a little slip take me back! Heathy living is so important, I want to always be able to have energy to keep up with Carter, and look good doing it too, ya know! ;)
Not only is it better for our health when I plan out our weeks meals, but it is better for our checking account! With the three of us eating our a few times a week it adds up FAST!
So here is what I have made and plan on making this week.
Black Bean Patties

This recipe from Whole Foods is similar to what I make, we don't make a burger out of it though, we just eat the patties.

To go with the patties I made these Herb Crusted Sweet Potatoes.

These are my favorite thing right now! I could eat them everyday.  The recipe is from How Sweet It Is.
They are so soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside! The sweeter flavor of the potato with the herbs and the crunchy panko is just awesome. LOVE!

Something else I made was this 

This was different but good, I would definitely use the Cilantro Jalapeno Pesto again, and the Naan, but I would use a different Veggie on top, the eggplant was too mushy for our taste.  And I put way too much cheese on it! Oops, but it was fun trying something new! :) 
The sites I found these recipes on have lots of good ones! 

Now for working out, I have to tell you a workout video that I have had for a long time, and I am kinda embarrassed to admit that I like it. The Firm 5 Day Abs.

Yes they call this a "Classic Workout Video" on amazon, pretty much meaning OLD! But let me tell you it works! There are 5 different days, each one never lasting over 5-8 minutes, but you feel the burn and when you don't think you can't go on, it is over! 
The best part is checking out all the awesome 80's workout gear! I mean some of those leotards cannot be comfortable to workout in, riding up in all the wrong places! LOL! 
If you can get past the awkward outfits and the cheesy music, I really do think it's a good ab video, all of the ab moves I use at the gym I learned from this! Plus it's like 2 bucks on Amazon! It is worth a laugh if nothing else. :)

So here is to the rest of the week to finish eating healthy and for me drinking no soda! My weakness, I am for sure addicted, and it's a hard habit to break! But I know I can do it! 

Have a blessed day!
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