Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo Challenge

I had so much fun doing this Feb Photo Challenge from Fat Mum Slim!! I can't believe it is already March though, I am so glad I had this little reminder to take a picture everyday to remember the little things that could be forgotten when the month is over.
This was the list of things to look for each day, it was really cool to see everyones different interpretation each day too.  

Here are my pictures from this month...

My view from my desk at work, it's like a museum in our office.  Holding hands with Cart while he is sleeping.. nothing better than his little hands.

Stranger - I was taking a picture of the restaurant I ate at with my sister in Dallas, got some strangers in there too.  Buttons - 4th floor everyday. Ok the sun wasn't out this day for "sun" so I did son instead at his Valentines Party ;)  Front door of the building I walk through everyday
Self Portrait - I always feel like such a nerd taking my own picture, especially when no on is around, do I smile? look serious? what? LOL. Makes you happy - all my boys sleeping together, just too cute! Inside your closet - my husband comes home with a new pair of shoes every week, they are taking over our closet ;) Blue- painting is our favorite hobby right now.
Heart - smarties. Phone - another artifact found in my office. New - new earrings. Time - clock in our living room, I love having a giant clock we never wonder what time it is.
Something you hate to do - LAUNDRY! YUK! why do I dislike it so much, it's not hard to do? But by far my least favorite thing to do.  Drink - Chocolate Milk, always delicious with donut holes on Saturday mornings :) Handwriting - notes from work, if I don't write it down, Im going to forget it. 
Where you work - Bricktown - Oklahoma City.  Shoes - although I don't like cold weather, I will miss wearing these boots everyday in the summertime!
Bathroom Cabinet - there it is. Something you ate - Jimmy Johns! #6 every time, my favorite! 
Money - rare loose change, I never have cash! Something you're listening to - Adele - Can't get enough of her voice, I heard she won't do another break up album so I can't wait to hear what she comes out with next! 

Wow, that is a lot of pictures, I even missed a couple days!!  But this was really fun to look for things you wouldn't normally see and instagram turns your photos into something so unique! 
March is next! I am so glad Spring is upon us and I can't wait to capture more pics from the month! If you have instagram you can follow me @kimbo_jangles

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simple {and cheap} Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are everywhere right now, and I cannot get enough of them!  They are so great because each and every one is different.  You can customize it to any size of wall or area.  They are just about the most versatile way to cover a large space in your home.   I already have two in my house and am thinking about doing another!
Although, I am always drawn to symmetry, and after looking around my house I realized every wall was symmetrical! It's not that I did this on purpose, I just really like things to be in line and balanced! Maybe it's the Libra in me. ;)
Here are just a few examples around our house of my balanced obsession.

Ok... I see a theme here, so once I realized that all of my walls were basically the same, I decided to do something different in our bathroom.  I was so excited about this easy project because it was so CHEAP! And all it took was a can of spray paint and some old frames.  I am always picking up frames at garage sales and thrift stores because they are usually always under a dollar.

After I spray painted all of the frames, which were different sizes and shapes, I arranged them into what I thought would look the best.  Even though gallery walls aren't always symmetrical, I still wanted to have balance.  I tried to evenly distribute the size of the frames and the shapes to create that.   I arranged them on the floor, and took a picture to use as a guide when hanging them.  And yes, that is carpet in a bathroom, yuk! Who puts carpet beside a bathtub??   I guess the builder didn't think about a 2 year old taking a bath in there and making a wave pool out of it, sometimes  I think I should wear a swim suit just to give him a bath so you can imagine how the carpet looks when we're done! lol!

So anyway, you can also use paper as a guide to hanging, but that was an extra step in the process I didn't do because the quicker the better for me!
Usually I start projects out just as a test, and those seem to be the ones I like the most.  That was the case with this project.  I just kind of eyeballed it instead of pressuring myself to make it perfect, and I love how it turned out!
Now I don't have a before picture of our bathroom but I will give you this picture and you can see what color was on the walls before.  Dark Blue.  ugh.  It was like a cave in our bathroom, it is already small and the dark paint closed it in even more. Not only that, it was flat paint, so every little water spot showed.  That will be the last time I buy a can of paint just because it's on clearance for $5. Just saying. ;)
Warning: adorable baby alert - this is the only picture I could find of our bathroom, plus it gives me an excuse to reminisce about how my tiny, chubby baby is already 3. years. old.  whaa.
If you were able to look past the chubby baby smiling adorably at you, then you can see how dark the paint was to begin with! I'm so glad it's gone!   
We painted over this with primer first, then painted it a light blue.  

Ok, now I have the frames painted, arranged, and hung and this is how it looks!   So much brighter, cheerier, bigger, and just overall makes me happy when I walk in there!  

This was one of the cheapest things I could have done as a DIY wall decor, which makes me love it even more than I already do! The total cost was around $8 I think.  But to have a bathroom that is soft, relaxing, and makes me sigh when I look at it, is priceless! :)
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! 
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentines day

Happy Valentines Day friends!
Images from Simply Hue

Let's all spread the love today and everyday! 
Love one another with brotherly affection [as members of one family], giving precedence and showing honor to one another. Romans 12:10
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monogrammed pillowcase {and bag}

Last weekend my oldest niece turned 8 years old.  I really wanted to make her something so I thought it would be cute if she had a personalized pillow and bag she could take to slumber parties and stuff, since she's at that age now.

I bought a pillow case and canvas bag from Hobby Lobby, they have different colors in their crafting section.  Then I bought coordinating fabric, ribbon, and embellishments. 

I discovered iron transfer paper for this project.  I don't know where I have been, but this stuff is awesome! I am not a seamstress so this makes life SO much easier! 

So first I ironed on the transfer paper according to the directions that came with the paper, mine said iron on the rough side to the back side of the fabric.
I cut out EMMA from card stock to use as a stencil, once the transfer paper was ironed on I cut around the letter. 

Ok so this may be a really weird technique, but I found that if I tape all the sides of the letter to the fabric it was so easy to cut out, it stayed in place and the scissors worked better cutting through the tape.

After I had the letters cut I simply ironed them on to the pillowcase and canvas bag.  Then I did do a little sewing for the ribbon on the pillowcase (thanks Jes!), this could have been ironed on as well.  But I did just iron on the pink rose ribbon across the top of the bag.  That's it! Alright, this did take some time, but it was all super easy to do!

So cute! I loved this pink paisley pattern with the green! I think she liked it too!! :)

I love that iron on transfer paper so much! I can't wait to use it on other pillows for myself! I feel like as much as I like to craft and stuff why didn't I know about it sooner?? lol

I'm so glad Emma loved it as much as I loved making it!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heathy living: {recipes and workouts}

Hi guys! Last week I posted about how I was going to do a clean eating challenge for the week.  I was really excited about it, but I didn't eat nearly as "clean" as I had hoped. Mostly because I didn't PLAN for my weeks food. duh!  I also went out of town for my nieces 8th birthday.  So eating healthy is the last thing on the list of things to do when our family gets together. ;)
But this is a new week and I am ready!  I also thought I would share some of the dinners I made last week and plan to make this week.

I was scared to make quinoa at first, the name is so fancy I thought it would be hard or to time consuming, but it was SO easy! The fact that it looked exactly like bird seed threw me off a bit at first too, but it came out great!  Quinoa has lots of protein and fiber and they were really filling.  

After looking over healthy suggestions for food I kept seeing lentils, so I thought I'd give them a try this week.  

This sounded like a really good dinner to try this week.  We shall see, I'll let you know how it turns out.

SO I made my list, I have my groceries and I am going to commit to eating healthy all week and Im going to try and make it to the gym more than once.  It is hard for me to make time to go to the gym, after work I don't want to leave again for another hour.  But getting up in the morning is impossible, like don't even say a word to me in the mornings if you want to live, kind of impossible.  lol ;)
So I have found a lot of moves I can do at home while Im on the floor playing with Carter or standing in the kitchen making dinner.

One of my favorites, I'm usually always laying on the ground racing cars so I might as well do a little leg action! :) 

Ab Workout - another one that doesn't take time away from my family, I can just do it while were all hanging out. Although Carter does look at me funny when start doing some of this stuff. He's like "what you doin mom?" haha

I like to pin workouts like this on my "Motivation" board on Pinterest so if you want some more you can follow me! 

So... the Biggest Loser is on tonight, is anyone else watching it??  It definitely gives me motivation! But, I cannot stand that Conda's attitude! Do you know who Im talking about!? I hope she has an attitude ajustment before its over. lol Sorry I just had to throw that out there... ;)

I hope you guys have a healthy rest of the week!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Wreath

Ok, so I know some people have had their Valentines decor out for a few weeks now, but I am just now getting around to it! As I was sitting on my couch last night, I could see my Christmas Wreath through the window of my door (don't worry I took the Santa off right after Christmas ;) and thought,'s probably time to do something else.. oh but, it's already red,  I could just add a something to it! Recycling wreaths, nothing better than that! 

So I looked around in my stash of scraps, I have some old sheet music from my mother in law I thought that would be cute and used some scraps of burlap and scrapbook paper.  
I just eyeballed it and cut a small banner out and glued the pieces together using tacky glue.

After I glued the pieces together I glued it onto twine.

This took about 10 minutes to do and I love how it turned out. I just love it when projects are free from what I already have, I should have done it a couple weeks ago, or I might just leave it up after Valentines. ;) 

Happy Monday guys! 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february photo challenge

Hello! Happy February!  Really crazy to say huh? February already? Well we're just that much closer to spring so, oh yeah!
Ok, if you are a fan of House of Smiths than you probably have seen her talk about the January photo challenge and the upcoming February one too.  Speaking of Shelley from HoS, I was reading her latest blog post last night before I went to sleep and ended having a dream about her! LOL! I feel like we're best friends now because it was so real! haha! That happens a lot I will see a random person on facebook then they will show up in my dream.  Does that happen to anyone else??  There's gotta be someone else this happens to out there? Huh??  No, Just me?  ok... so anyway...what was I talking about before? ;)  Oh yea, the Photo Challenge, I think this is such a fun idea created by Fat Mum Slim she has a specific thing you look for to take a pic that day using your phone.  I love taking pics and posting them to instagram, it is SO easy and fun and this will give me a guide to really do it everyday! Here is the list for February.

Here is my view today, this is from my desk at work, yes that is a huge indian head dress, and a propeller hanging from the ceiling. My boss is quite the collector.  lol.  ;)

I'll be posting to instagram you can follow along 'kimbo_jangles' for fun! :) or on twitter #febphotoaday
I'm excited to keep up with this little challenge! Go to Fat Mum Slim to read more about it! 

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