Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heathy living: {recipes and workouts}

Hi guys! Last week I posted about how I was going to do a clean eating challenge for the week.  I was really excited about it, but I didn't eat nearly as "clean" as I had hoped. Mostly because I didn't PLAN for my weeks food. duh!  I also went out of town for my nieces 8th birthday.  So eating healthy is the last thing on the list of things to do when our family gets together. ;)
But this is a new week and I am ready!  I also thought I would share some of the dinners I made last week and plan to make this week.

I was scared to make quinoa at first, the name is so fancy I thought it would be hard or to time consuming, but it was SO easy! The fact that it looked exactly like bird seed threw me off a bit at first too, but it came out great!  Quinoa has lots of protein and fiber and they were really filling.  

After looking over healthy suggestions for food I kept seeing lentils, so I thought I'd give them a try this week.  

This sounded like a really good dinner to try this week.  We shall see, I'll let you know how it turns out.

SO I made my list, I have my groceries and I am going to commit to eating healthy all week and Im going to try and make it to the gym more than once.  It is hard for me to make time to go to the gym, after work I don't want to leave again for another hour.  But getting up in the morning is impossible, like don't even say a word to me in the mornings if you want to live, kind of impossible.  lol ;)
So I have found a lot of moves I can do at home while Im on the floor playing with Carter or standing in the kitchen making dinner.

One of my favorites, I'm usually always laying on the ground racing cars so I might as well do a little leg action! :) 

Ab Workout - another one that doesn't take time away from my family, I can just do it while were all hanging out. Although Carter does look at me funny when start doing some of this stuff. He's like "what you doin mom?" haha

I like to pin workouts like this on my "Motivation" board on Pinterest so if you want some more you can follow me! 

So... the Biggest Loser is on tonight, is anyone else watching it??  It definitely gives me motivation! But, I cannot stand that Conda's attitude! Do you know who Im talking about!? I hope she has an attitude ajustment before its over. lol Sorry I just had to throw that out there... ;)

I hope you guys have a healthy rest of the week!

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  1. Thank you for this!! I'm definitely going to try the work outs.


  2. Audrina has a workout video/article?! lol. who would have guessed. I will def. follow your motivation board! I started P90X on the 30th. Ouch. ;)

  3. We just recently started eating Quinoa as well. I was definitely concerned... but it isn't bad! So many things you can do with it! I am also in a constant struggle with the gym... I just feel like there are other things I should be doing! At one point I made an effort to go early in the mornings... didn't work out. I hate mornings... I wish they did not exist. This week I am training myself to be a morning person though because when I drag myself out of bed 30 minutes before everyone else I can accomplish SO MUCH.

  4. My friend Nancy just started a gluten free cooking blog and she uses a lot of quinoa. Check her out!


    She is awesome!

  5. Haha, I'm the same way in the morning! I can barely even say 'good morning' when I get to work. I have to sit down, have a coffee, and THEN say hi to everyone and be friendly!

    Love that you are starting to try quinoa-it's one of my favourites and is a complete protein, which is excellent. There are also tons of recipes out there you can try, so definitely google it if you're looking for something new!

  6. I love quinoa...although I have to admit, my husband had to twist my arm to make me eat it at first! And I am so with you on the planning aspect of eating right. If I take the time to plan it out, we usually stick to it and eat well, but if I don't...ugh. We make easy meals or go out to eat instead (which is totally what happened tonight!). Definitely have to do better on that in my house!

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