Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february photo challenge

Hello! Happy February!  Really crazy to say huh? February already? Well we're just that much closer to spring so, oh yeah!
Ok, if you are a fan of House of Smiths than you probably have seen her talk about the January photo challenge and the upcoming February one too.  Speaking of Shelley from HoS, I was reading her latest blog post last night before I went to sleep and ended having a dream about her! LOL! I feel like we're best friends now because it was so real! haha! That happens a lot I will see a random person on facebook then they will show up in my dream.  Does that happen to anyone else??  There's gotta be someone else this happens to out there? Huh??  No, Just me?  ok... so anyway...what was I talking about before? ;)  Oh yea, the Photo Challenge, I think this is such a fun idea created by Fat Mum Slim she has a specific thing you look for to take a pic that day using your phone.  I love taking pics and posting them to instagram, it is SO easy and fun and this will give me a guide to really do it everyday! Here is the list for February.

Here is my view today, this is from my desk at work, yes that is a huge indian head dress, and a propeller hanging from the ceiling. My boss is quite the collector.  lol.  ;)

I'll be posting to instagram you can follow along 'kimbo_jangles' for fun! :) or on twitter #febphotoaday
I'm excited to keep up with this little challenge! Go to Fat Mum Slim to read more about it! 

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  1. I love that your view has a propeller. :)

    My picture today is of my INCREDIBLY MESSY kitchen table... not nearly as interesting as yours!

  2. That propeller would definitely make me nervous. Hmm, and maybe the Indian headdress too. Visiting from Feb. Photo a day!

  3. That office is really interesting! (in a good way). I'm surrounded by sports paraphernalia at my job all day. Stopping by from Feb Photo a Day. :)

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