Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

Hello there! I am really glad we had a week after Thanksgiving before the first of December, anything to stretch the Christmas season a little further.  Every year I want to make an advent calendar, I think they are so cute and there are so many creative ways to make them.  But, since I'm trying not to do too much this year, I made this simple chalkboard Christmas Countdown!  I just LOVE chalk art, I had so much fun this summer with Carter's sidewalk chalk, more fun that him probably. :)  
I have been wanting to make a chalkboard for our house for a while, and then I thought that making a chalkboard countdown would be easy and cheap, which it was because I had all the supplies on hand. Oh yea! 

I used, a frame, chalkboard paint, and a white paint pen.
I painted the glass of the frame with the chalk paint, doodled the "Days until Christmas" onto it and that was it! 
First I wrote the letters on a piece of paper just to practice and see how I wanted them to look.  Then used a pencil to lightly draw them on the chalkboard for a guide.  I like making letters like this because you don't have to be that precise. 
I love how it turned out!
So we also started Elf on the Shelf this week, I have been dreaming of the day we could do it, since Carter was still a little to young to get it last year.  I had envisioned all the silly little set ups to do and Carter cracking up at the little Elf.  I hyped it up to Carter, saying Santa has a special book for him, etc.  I was so excited I just knew he would love it!
Well... as I was half was through the book, Carter looks concerned and shuts the book, saying I don't like this book and shaking his head.  
I'm like, why he's Santa's helper? 
Then his lip curls up and he starts to cry, saying I don't want him here! 
Jamie and I started laughing just because I had built it up so much, and Carter was the exact opposite of excited about it. Poor guy.
 My Elf on the Shelf dreams were crushed! LOL 
I guess the thought of a tiny Elf creeping in your house is a little scary, for Carter at least, I'm pretty sure he's the only kid in America that doesn't like it!  What I really think is that he just didn't want the Elf to tell Santa on him. Which makes it even more funny.
I just knew it would be a great bribing tool fun thing to do until Christmas! he he :)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Favorite Christmas Projects

Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I did, and now I am so glad the Christmas season is here! This year will be so much fun with Carter since he really knows about Santa and can really get into the excitement too.  It will be so fun to see his face light up on Christmas morning!  I am trying not to go overboard and stress about having the cutest Christmas decorations or crafts or gift wrap or neighbors gift.  I feel like last year I let all of that take priority over the real reason for the season.  It can get to be too much and then it's over without even enjoying the moment.  So this year I am determined to step back and not care so much about the material things.  Carter is only this age once and I want to make it as special as I can for him and our little family!  
But... Since I did go a little overboard last year, here are my favorite projects... :) 

These are all really easy and fun to do! Just don't get caught up in trying to do too much unimportant stuff this year, like I did last year!  I hope you all enjoy the little moments this Holiday Season! 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No Sew {Turkey Flag}

Hello! Can you believe it is already November?? And a week into it at that.  I cannot, this year has flown by, but I am really excited about the holidays coming up!  I'm ready to put my Christmas decorations up, but I don't think my husband would be up for that yet, so I'll try to wait just a couple more weeks. :) 
So onto my latest project!  I may have turned my love of making wreaths into something else... garden flags! lol Yes, this is another post about a garden flag, I'm sorry, I know its really redundant, but this one is so cute I just had to share! :) My mom wanted me to make her a Fall one like the one I did here, but I had something else in mind.  Since she is hosting Thanksgiving for our family this year I thought a turkey would be super cute! 
These flags are SO SO easy to make I'm telling you!  I know I say that about everything I make, but seriously this is simple as it gets.  And for this one I used up the rest of the scraps I had from my from my Fall tree one.  I love using up scraps! I had the burlap, so all I needed was a piece of felt for the body, that was .25 cents! 

For this one I cut a piece of burlap about 12 inches wide, then cut 7 pieces of fabric for the feathers.  I cut one piece then used it as a template for the other 6 pieces.  
After that, I cut a body shape out of felt.  I didn't sew a single thing on this.  I used fabric glue for everything, making it even easier!! I put glue along the edges on the back side to keep it from fraying and used a paint brush to paint on the glue to the fabric pieces.  
Finally, I added little eyes, beak, and legs out of fabric too.  I love how he looks googly eyed, my husband said he looked like a South Park character, lol.  I think he is super cute!! :) He kind of reminds me of a Shawn the Sheep character, have you seen that? If you have kids you should watch it on Netfilx, it's claymation and it cracks me up! 

Just to let you know how strong the glue is, the first garden flag I made held up really well, in rain and everything.   The possibilities are endless for garden flags, especially if you have fabric scraps to use up!  I'd love to know if you try to make one.
Like I said before I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving, but I am so excited for all the festivities. Gobble Gobble, I hope you are having a great start to the Holiday season!  

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