Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Destin {family vacation}

our family with our annual sand castle

We have been back from the beach a couple of weeks now and I am still dreaming of it! It is hard to come back for sure, my family takes a trip every summer and this year we went to Destin, Florida.  It was so beautiful! The water was so clear, I'm sure we will be going back!  I thought I would share some pics from our week, it was great spending time with the whole family together.

naps on the beach

It was so relaxing to have no schedule for a whole week, the only thing on the agenda was swimming and eating.  It was awesome.  I even took a few naps! 
my sister and I

Our condo overlooked the ocean and to me it was paradise, I could have stayed forever.  Waking up and seeing the calm water really makes you feel blessed. 
 Ok, you don't want to know how many times it took to get that jumping picture just right! haha, we had a hard time getting in sync. But we had fun trying! 
3 generations, cousins, and my little family

We always take a family picture with our coordinating outfits, it was so windy but we managed to get a lot of good ones.  Carter had such a good time with my nieces, this year was  much more relaxing now that he's 3, and I don't have to have a death grip on his hand everywhere we go. lol! The last couple of years he would just run every which way and not look back, but he is growing up.
striking a pose, tiny feet, night kite flying

Fun in the sun, everyday, the sand was so white and the ocean was so blue, if I close my eyes I can hear the waves and feel the sun tanning my skin. At least I did get to bring a tan back with me! 
Cart giving mommy a kiss, he is such a sweet boy
catching waves, running from jellyfish, picnics at the pool, laughing and sleeping in.  It was a wonderful vacation, and perfect way to start off the summer!

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  1. Ah, loved the photos! We just came back last week from the beach also (Orange Beach, AL, not too far from Destin.) There is something magical about staying on the beach, isnt' there? Loved your post.

  2. Looks like you all had a blast! You took some really terrfic "frame worthy" pics too!

  3. PS. Are these Instagram? I always wonder how peeps get all these special effects on their pics.

  4. WOW. Looks beautiful! Great pictures! I can't wait for our vacation time (week of July 4), although we are forgoing the beach this year. :(