Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thunder UP!

Tonight is game 2 to of the NBA playoffs, for those of you who don't live in OKC, I'll just let you know we are VERY proud of our team! They are so fun to watch, and nothing has brought the city together like this ever before.   There is blue everywhere and Thunder flags cars, it doesn't matter what part of the city you are from we all LOVE our Thunder!    So of course I had to make something for our door to show our pride! :)  
I used the same idea as my Boomer Sooner wreath I did last year.   To get the logo, I used the freezer paper method and printed the logo onto fabric.  Here is the tutorial I used to learn how to do it.   This was the first time I had printed onto fabric, my mind was blown, it opened up a whole new world to me! lol I kept telling Jamie , "look at how it just printed right on there, can you believe it" haha

I actually used an old plain white t-shirt to print it onto, and sewed it onto felt to make it more sturdy.  Too cute! And really simple.  I can't wait to watch the game tonight, but sometimes we have to turn it because it gives me a little anxiety when they're down. haha! 

What ever happens in the game though, we are more than happy to have such an amazing, humble team, that has brought so much to OKC!!

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  1. Love the wreath Kim. I am just like you. When they get behind I feel like I am having an anxiety attack. I have to leave the room and go do something else. Debbie Guidry

  2. LOVE IT! Cute wreath (again!). I got my bet on the Thunder, too!

  3. Love That! You should have made 100 and sold them! Still should! I'll buy one!