Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Someone's a winner!

Congrats to Michelle J! You have won a custom print from Queen of the Creek
Check your email for all the details! 

Thank you so much everyone who entered my first giveaway, it feels so good to give stuff away, I might have to do it more often!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Laundry Table Makover

I recently ran down to Hancock fabrics to pick up some stuff, I pulled up at 5:02, walked up to the door tried pulling it open and was rejected, they closed at 5.  Burn! I didn't just want to go back home when I had a little time to myself, so I went to the next best thing, Goodwill! Ha! A few years ago I would have never imagined myself saying that! But, I love going in there and searching for something that I can give a new life to.  And that is exactly what happened that day. 

After I scanned through the clothes for some shirts I could use as fabric, since the fabric store was closed, I went to the back and took a look.  There were desks and dressers, but I was looking for something smaller, then I found sitting all by itself a rolling, old, 1980's, Pioneer stereo cabinet.  I knew it would be perfect for our laundry room.   I have been in the process of prettying up my laundry room for, oh I don't know about a year now.   The room is tiny too, I just get easily distracted, and my budget can get distracted too. ;) This cabinet was only $13! So, I stood next to it and lined it up with my hip, that is my very sophisticated way of measuring.  It hit me the same spot as the washer and dryer, so I had to get it. Here is the before, Im pretty sure my parents has a taller version of this stuffed with records when I was a kid. The top even lifts up for easy access to your record player. ;) 

Our laundry room is a light blue pretty much like our bathroom I showed you here.  Laundry is my least favorite chore, luckily for me my husband does his own, just because he's too scared to have me do it.  True story. lol.  Im thinking maybe if I make the room look really pretty that will entice me to do it more, so that is why I wanted it to look very clean and I think light blue and white do the trick.
First I painted the cabinet with primer, I was unsure of what the laminate would do with paint, but it turned out great. 
I didn't get any pictures of the process, I don't know why I always just get so anxious to finish I don't stop to take a pic lol.  But after 3 cans of white, I thought it needed just a little more of a contrast so I taped off 2" sections on the top and sprayed it with Catalina Mist from Valspar, it's my favorite color right now for sure!
At first I was going to spray the glass front with frost in some kind of a design, and thought about it and thought about it and couldn't decide what to do so Jamie said, why don't you just take it off,? AH HA! Thank you! Much better without it! 

The stripes give it a little more modern look, I LOVE how it turned out, it is going to fit right between our washer and dryer, (literally with only 1/8th of an inch to spare!) a perfect place to put our detergent and dryer sheets, and anything else that needs a home, right now its hubby's outside shoes, but that really doesn't go with the whole clean and pretty scheme, so we'll have to talk about that one. ;) 

As soon as I finish up the rest of the room I'll show it in there, I only have a little more to do, so hopefully it wont be that long! :)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

cupcake "burgers" {4th of July}

The forth of July is one of my favorite holidays, red white and blue, summertime, BBQ's, and of course fireworks! Last year I made these adorable "burgers and fries"cupcakes and cookies for our family celebration. I honestly think they are the cutest things in the world! I just love tiny stuff especially tiny food, these were so fun! And Bakerella has really amazing instructions on how to do these tiny treats! She also has the printable for the basket and a blank "fry" holder, I just added God Bless America on it before I printed it. I used Microsoft Word and typed "happy 4th of July" over and over then printed it onto tissue paper to add to the basket.  So festive, cute, and easy! 
They were made with white cupcakes cut in half, a brownie cut into a circle, and sugar cookies cut to look like fries. 

When I first saw these I thought they were the cutest things I had ever seen, I though oh my, it is my mission in life to make these at some point! lol I'm so glad I did, everyone loved them! Go here to Bakerella's site to get her detailed instructions and printables, they were perfect for the 4th! Now I am trying to come up with something to top this for our 4th of July this year, but I don't think anything will beat them in the cute department. :)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my first giveaway!

Hi guys! I was recently asked by my friend Jamie, from Queen of the Creek, if I would be interested in doing a giveaway of one of her printables.  And I said heck yea!

 She is so talented with her font and color choices! Just check out some of her "mad skills"! :) 
Here are a couple of my favorites.

I am so excited, because she is offering someone the chance to win their own custom print, in jpeg, pdf, or png form, which can be printed off at home or your choice of printer.  The winner will have the option of what type of art (subway style, quotes etc.) font, colors, names, special dates, theme.  What ever you have in mind she will bring it to life! I mean they are seriously cute, and who doesn't love personalized art!?
That's not all, the winner will also receive a $10 Michaels or Hobby Lobby gift card, perfect for a frame for your new personalized, custom piece of art! 

How to enter:
You must be a follower of Simply Living. 

for additional entries
Follow Queen of the Creek on Facebook
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Leave a comment for each! And winners will be notified by email so make sure you leave that in the comment. Winners will be selected one week from today.

Thank you Jamie for letting me share your skills on here! 
Good luck! 


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thunder UP!

Tonight is game 2 to of the NBA playoffs, for those of you who don't live in OKC, I'll just let you know we are VERY proud of our team! They are so fun to watch, and nothing has brought the city together like this ever before.   There is blue everywhere and Thunder flags cars, it doesn't matter what part of the city you are from we all LOVE our Thunder!    So of course I had to make something for our door to show our pride! :)  
I used the same idea as my Boomer Sooner wreath I did last year.   To get the logo, I used the freezer paper method and printed the logo onto fabric.  Here is the tutorial I used to learn how to do it.   This was the first time I had printed onto fabric, my mind was blown, it opened up a whole new world to me! lol I kept telling Jamie , "look at how it just printed right on there, can you believe it" haha

I actually used an old plain white t-shirt to print it onto, and sewed it onto felt to make it more sturdy.  Too cute! And really simple.  I can't wait to watch the game tonight, but sometimes we have to turn it because it gives me a little anxiety when they're down. haha! 

What ever happens in the game though, we are more than happy to have such an amazing, humble team, that has brought so much to OKC!!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Destin {family vacation}

our family with our annual sand castle

We have been back from the beach a couple of weeks now and I am still dreaming of it! It is hard to come back for sure, my family takes a trip every summer and this year we went to Destin, Florida.  It was so beautiful! The water was so clear, I'm sure we will be going back!  I thought I would share some pics from our week, it was great spending time with the whole family together.

naps on the beach

It was so relaxing to have no schedule for a whole week, the only thing on the agenda was swimming and eating.  It was awesome.  I even took a few naps! 
my sister and I

Our condo overlooked the ocean and to me it was paradise, I could have stayed forever.  Waking up and seeing the calm water really makes you feel blessed. 
 Ok, you don't want to know how many times it took to get that jumping picture just right! haha, we had a hard time getting in sync. But we had fun trying! 
3 generations, cousins, and my little family

We always take a family picture with our coordinating outfits, it was so windy but we managed to get a lot of good ones.  Carter had such a good time with my nieces, this year was  much more relaxing now that he's 3, and I don't have to have a death grip on his hand everywhere we go. lol! The last couple of years he would just run every which way and not look back, but he is growing up.
striking a pose, tiny feet, night kite flying

Fun in the sun, everyday, the sand was so white and the ocean was so blue, if I close my eyes I can hear the waves and feel the sun tanning my skin. At least I did get to bring a tan back with me! 
Cart giving mommy a kiss, he is such a sweet boy
catching waves, running from jellyfish, picnics at the pool, laughing and sleeping in.  It was a wonderful vacation, and perfect way to start off the summer!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another wreath? yes please..

Hello! Finally a little crafty post, I have been having crafting withdraws! ;) We went on vacation last week to Destin, FL, and it was so beautiful and fun! It has been really hard getting back to reality for sure! I'll share some pics later about our trip, but now I thought I would share this, what do you know, another wreath! I can't help it I am obsessed, they are so easy and I had everything on hand already for this one.  I reused a straw wreath from a previous project and cut out a bunch of feather shapes from book pages and hot glued them on.  So simple, but I love how it adds an element of texture to a wall.

I added raffia and a burlap flower to give it a little more character.  

I love how it looks, and cannot get enough of making things with books pages.  Remember the book page letter I did, another super easy way to recycle of book pages! 
I have this up with some picture frames to make another gallery wall in our hallway, Im still not quite finished yet, I have one little spot to fill, and I think I will be done, but honestly by that time I'll probably want to change the whole thing again. ;)
Thanks for stopping by! 

If you would like your own you can see it here in my Esty shop! 

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