Thursday, May 24, 2012

life lately

Oh my it has been almost a month since my last post, whatever shall I do! The truth is, I do all of my blogging while at work, don't tell my boss, lol.   And about 3 weeks ago we moved offices.  I wrote a post a long time ago describing my boss, but then I deleted it after my parents made me feel guilty, jk jk, it wasn't anything bad, it just described my everyday job with such an interesting character.  Let me just break it down real quick, so you can see why I haven't blogged in a while. lol
My boss is in his 70's, I work as his assistant and he is a consultant for many many different things, just a few we have been involved with the last 5 years are, coffee, horses, travel plazas, construction, Native American casinos, other Native American stuff, energy, bio fuels, medical mobil units, the latest is a chili company, with many more in between.  Did I mention he used to be an astronaut? oh yea, that too. lol. He never flew into space, but he tested everything for the guys who did.  So with all of the projects we have worked on, all of his NASA and Native American memorabilia, lets just say we had a lot to move, and put away, and THROW away. He likes to keep stuff, small stuff, old stuff, insignificant stuff.  He's had quite the life, so he has quite the collection of...stuff.  ;)  He is always telling me stories and most of the time I am like really? Some involve Chuck Norris. lol  And the thing is, he knows so many people and been so many places they could possibly be true! I'll never know, I just get to be entertained by his re-telling of his past everyday.  

So...back to the start of my story with him in and out of the office and putting away boxes and boxes, I have not had time to do much on the computer. :) 
I did want to stop in and give a little hello! I started out this post because I wanted to share this verse I have been trying to remember. 

I want to be a woman that builds her home up with love and respect, and when I read this verse it really struck me, at times I can be negative or "eat the bread of idleness" and I always want to remember to do my best to serve my family, I can't do it alone, and I am so thankful I have God to help me! 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. Your boss reminds me of that man from the liquor commercial "The Most Interesting Man in the World"...LOL Great verse at the end.

    Pstttt.....I do most of my blog reading at work so I guess we all have on the job secrets!

  2. Hey Kimberly! I found your blog today through Women Living Well Wednesdays. :) And it's funny because with her hundreds of blogs that link up with her party on a weekly basis, I just sort of pick a few at random to read. It was so God leading my clicks tonight when I landed on your page. I needed this blog entry TODAY. Not the boss and moving banter, haha. No, I needed a reminder of good perspective. Thank you so much for holding me accountable with love and encouragement. This week I have been struggling with my perspective about this and didn't even realize it. It's so easy to say that "I'm busy" or "I'm tired" and let our homes and families take the hit. I'm done eating the bread of idleness this week! So, THANKS! :)