Thursday, April 26, 2012

Healthy Living ~ recipes and workouts

Hey there! I have been trying to eat healthier since the start of the year, it is an on an off again struggle though.  The toughest part is at lunch, we go out to eat for lunch at work pretty much every time, and when there is a bowl of queso sitting in front of me, I really can't say no, ya know! Then comes the weekend, and I never cook on the weekends, we are always doing something or want to just relax and not clean up a mess in the kitchen, so we eat out again.  I am really lucky that my husband is such a healthy eater, because he is the one that ususally talks me out of Taco Bueno or pizza ;)
So even though we eat out on the weekends, I try to make our meals during the week healthy, I thought I would share some of the things Ive made the past couple of weeks.  These are all quick and easy since I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen for ever when I get off work!

These stuffed peppers from Martha Stewart were really good.  I added cooked ground beef into it as well. Jamie said he liked the stuffing even without the pepper, but I liked the pepper's texture with the soft filling.   Definitely will put these into the rotation.

I made this oven baked okra for a side one night, it was really easy to just shake frozen okra up in a bag with seasonings and corn meal, then pop it in the oven.  Fast and tasty, my favorite! We liked how they turned out, I love fried okra and this was a nice substitute.

I've made this Santa Fe Crock Pot Chicken a couple of times, it is really good.  The recipe is from Skinny Taste, she has so many great healthy recipes. With the leftovers I made Mexi-tatos the next night, by using it as a topping for a baked potato.  Delish! 

So I have been trying to make it to the gym as well, I'm doing a solid once a week, oh yea! lol but honestly I can tell a difference just by going that one time a week, and it's better than nothing eh?  Have you heard of the Tone It Up girls?  The are so cute and motivating, and always post free workouts, here is one that I have been incorporating into mine... Although, I do feel a little self conscious thrusting my pelvis into the air at they gym, so I might just have to start doing this one at home. haha

Even though I don't eat every single meal as healthy as I can, at least I am trying to incorporate some fun dinners and workouts to keep it interesting.  I know I feel so much better when I eat better, so it just makes sense to stick with it, but, there are times I MUST have a cupcake, or sugar, or chocolate and nothing will stop me. lol Moderation is key and I have learned that, just cutting back and not restricting myself is easier than quitting cold turkey. 
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We have nothing planned this weekend, so hopefully we can make it to the annual Oklahoma City Arts Festival, I only go for the food! But saying that pretty much cancels this whole post out, but hey, it only comes once a year, and I have all those heathy dinners saved to make up for it.  :)

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I've been trying to eat healthier and workout too {I need to lose this baby weight}, so I'll have to try these recipes!! Thanks for sharing them! =)

  2. I'm with you...there's nothing like Spring to motivate me to eat light and get active! Those stuffed peppers look yummy. I will definitely be trying them!

  3. I too need to get better about my health and working out more. Oh and stop making excuses as to why I cant workout smh lol

    Im following you via email from the hop. Have a good weekend!

  4. Gasp! I love okra and for some reason I forget about making it all the time. Thanks for the reminder. It is a struggle for me to eat healthy everyday too and same thing my hubby usually talks me out of it!

  5. I am going to have to try that baked okra! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

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  7. I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop and I am a new follower! I hope you will drop by and do the same.


  8. those peppers look fantastic! and i'll have to try that tone it up workout! love them. found you via the bloghop xo

  9. All this stuff looks so delicious. I love cooking a healthy food. I goona try it out this week. Thanks for providing it! Much estimated!