Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pink and Teal Baby Shower

Over this past weekend I threw a baby shower for one of my best friends, Katy.  The past few weeks my other two girlfriends and I have been focused on all the details of it, we love throwing showers! And it is exciting to go from wedding showers to baby showers now.   
I thought I would share some of the elements we did, because I thought it turned out so cute! We first thought of a theme, more a color scheme, of pink and teal and burlap. 
We had such a great time celebrating, everyone was really FIRED up at one point...I'll get to that in a minute. ;)

A little welcome sign for the guests.

We took our sofa out of my living room to make room for table and chairs, we wanted everyone to be comfortable, and have a place to set their plate and drink.   It's always the worst trying to eat something with a fork while holding your drink! 
These adorable table runners were made by the other hostesses, Jennie and Jessica.  That's Jennie in the picture, she's another soon to be momma! 

It is always so fun to see your friends baby pictures and trying to imagine what their new little baby will be like! Jennie rounded up some branches from her yard and we made a little baby picture display, by clipping on the pictures with tiny close pins.  And I made the banner with burlap and my silhouette machine.

We loved the idea of writing advice or thoughts on a diaper, maybe it will give them a little laugh or smile during those 3am diaper changes. 

For me my favorite part of showers is always the food. ;)

Jessica made this beautiful cake! I'm in love with the ombre effect, she is an amazing cake decorator and it tasted great too! (Jes and I love making cakes she was my partner in the garden cake I posted about last year.)
Here I am with the mommy to be! We had such a fun day celebrating Katy and her little baby girl that's on the way!

I also made this sash for her a few weeks ago, I hadn't ever heard of a belly sash until she mentioned it to me.  It is amazing how quickly trends change about babies. Carter is only 4 and things have changed so much since he was a baby! I love this belly sash trend though, super cute!

So when I said everyone was fired up, I mean literally there was a fire in my living room at one point! 
It went kinda like this, the winner of one of the games got a prize, which had tissue paper in the bag.   Katy's mom opened the gift, and the tissue paper fell into a candle on the table.  Seconds after she gets the gift I heard a commotion and look over and Katy's mom is waving a flaming tissue paper, with a shocked/terrified look on her face, and the fire just kept growing!  No one knew what to do, I am stunned holding a piece of cake in my hand, Im pretty sure I was jumping up and down, like that would help things.  So the girl next to her mom grabs the tissue, by now it is just a ball of fire, she runs a few steps towards the door, with pieces of burning tissue paper flying off. At this point I thought, wow my house is literally going to go up in flames right now. lol.  I start to stomp a small piece of tissue that is flaming in front of me, and she can't hold the paper anymore since its all fire, it falls on the carpet and she frantically stomps it out, completely burning her shoe in the process.  
Finally it was all over, it seemed like 10 minutes but Im sure the whole thing was more like 30 seconds.  Phew! After we realized everything was safe we all started laughing and recapping the whole thing to each other.  We are so thankful no one was hurt or it wasn't worse! Once things settled down we went back into shower mode like nothing happened :)  It was a memorable day for sure!! Luckily we were able to get the burn spot out of the carpet too, so alls well that ends well! :)

We played Bingo as one of the games, I made a card for it and you can download it below if you would like to.  Just hit the arrow button in the bottom right.  For personal use only.
You can fill in the squares with items the mommy to be may receive as gifts, and as she opens them, the guests mark off the item if it is on their card. First to get five in a row wins.
We are throwing Jennie a baby shower in 3 weeks, she is having a boy so it will be fun to go in a totally different direction with hers, I don't think we will be using any candles either. ;)

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cookies and Cream Popcorn

Happy Valentines Day! Last night I made these yummy treats for Carter to take to school today.  I had made them before for his birthday party, and it is so good I knew I had to make it again!
Cookies and Cream Popcorn

1/3 cup of popcorn kernels 
3 Tblspoons of oil
2 sleeves of Oreos
Vanilla candy melts
I also added pink and red candy for V-day.

In a skillet pop the popcorn in the oil and set aside in a large bowl, crush up Oreos into chunks and add to the popcorn.
Melt the vanilla candy melts in 30 second intervals until smooth, then pour it over the popcorn Oreo mixture.  
Stir together so the melted chocolate coats everything. 
Spread on wax paper and to let the chocolate set.

That's it, I bagged it up in these little bags and made a cute tag for Cart's friends at school.  
I'll warn you this stuff is sooo good!! I had to get on to my husband because he kept grabbing spoonfuls. ;) 

Hope you all have a wonderful day full of LOVE! 

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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Girly Valentine

Target is so smart for having their dollar section right as you walk in, it is a total magnet for me and I fill my cart up with useless stuff before I'm even 10 feet in the door.  I can't pass it up though, everything is so stinking cute, and a dollar at that! A few weeks ago when they started to put out their Valentines things I saw the cutest nail files and had to get them.  Then I remembered seeing these cute mistletoe gifts around Christmas and thought doing something similar with these nail files would be a cute little Girly Valentine!

The one thing I love about Valentines Day is you can basically put any cheesy saying on the tag and it works! ;) 
So, I got the nail files and twine in the dollar section of Target, then got some nail polish to go with it.  On another day I actually saw nail polish in the dollar section too.

As for the tags, I made them on it is my favorite place to quickly edit photos or make little tags, they have a lot of fonts and almost all they offer is for free.
Here's the tag I made if you want to right click and save as.

Since I have a boy and there's not a lot of girlishness around my house, these were really fun to make!
It just made me want to give myself a manicure. :)

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