Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fabric scrap {garden flag}

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Fall weather we are having, I know I am! Now that the season is changing, I needed to change my little flag in our front flower bed.  I had one all summer I bought at a local nursery that was bright and said "cool off" which was perfect for our blazing summer. I have had this thought about making my own flag for a while. I thought about getting some outdoor fabric to make one, but didn't want to spend the money on MORE fabric.  So I decided just to make it out of burlap and some use up fabric scraps I had on hand! And I LOVE how it turned out! 

 I used the flag I had for the summer as a template to cut the size of burlap, then folded down about 2 inches at the top and glued it to make a pocket for the rod of the flag holder to go through.  
I saw this pillow a long time ago and it came to mind when I was thinking of what to do.  I knew I had a bunch of fabric scraps I could stand to get rid of, so after rummaging around in my fabric tub, I was so happy to have found some Fall colors I could use as leaves!  
After I cut leaf shapes and a trunk, I used fabric glue to glue them onto the burlap in a tree shape.  I wasn't sure if that would work very well, but I was too lazy to sew all the way around all of those leaves. ;) Luckily it worked just fine! 
Although, I did sew about 1/4 of an inch around the edge and frayed it out.  (Do this before you glue the top down.) This is not a weather proof flag, obviously, so I have taken it in a couple times in case it rained.  I don't know how well the glue would hold up in the rain.  But we have had the most beautiful weather lately so it has gotten to stay the night outside a lot. ;)
This was SO easy!! It didn't take long at all, usually I work on a project off an on for a few days, but this one was easy enough that I just did it all at once.  I love it! I love the colors especially against our green shrubs.  And my basil too, that thing is taking off like crazy lately. yum.
Projects that use what you already have on hand are the best! I have so much left over stuff piled up in my craft closet, it is nice to get rid of some of that in such a pretty way! :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

scrapbook paper fall wreath

Since Fall is basically here, although it's still in the hundreds this past week here in Oklahoma, I knew it was time to get busy on a Fall wreath.  :)

If you have followed this blog a little while then you know my favorite things to make are wreaths.  I hadn't had a cute one on my door for a while.  The last one I made was my OKC Thunder wreath.   They lost that night I put it up. whaa. My husband said I jinxed them, lol.  So I thought, well I'll just take it down. But they ended up losing every game after that. double whaa.
 Since then my door has been totally bare, which gives me major anxiety, I must have cute door decor! ;) 
Anyway, I'm totally loving how this one turned out! I didn't want to spend very much money on it, so I thought what can I do for $5?  I got a wreath form for 2 something because I had a 40% off coupon from HL, it was originally $3.99.  Then I was feeding my addiction, ahem, I mean browsing the scrapbook paper aisle and came across this burnt orange chevron and thought, YES! I can use this, the same way as I did the book page wreath. 
Then I found a really cute piece of paper that coordinated with the chevron.  It had Fall words written all over it, I had to get it.  
After I cut feather shapes out of the paper, I glued them half way around.
I used the paper to make flowers by twisting it into a flower shape. I used a blue piece I already had, and burlap the same way.  Then I added a button for an extra texture.
 Once I got the paper and flowers glued on I thought it needed something else, a little bunting always makes everything better! I printed "FALL" onto an actual book page, and glued it to burlap.  I painted the branches of the wreath a blue before adding the bunting. 
So, I spent $2 something on the wreath, another $1.50 for the paper, and I had the paint and burlap, so that is definitely under my $5 budget!!! I was really excited about it. :)

I love how the colors complement each other, and I liked adding the not so typical Fall color as well.
There are endless styles and colors of scrapbook paper, so the possibilities of this kind of wreath are infinite. Plus it doesn't break the bank!

Thanks for checking it out! :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pallet Sign - laundry edition

Using repurposed wooden pallets has been very popular over the last year or so.  I for one love how they look and how you can make so many different things with them.  I've been wanting to make a sign out of pallets for so long and I finally got around to doing it.  I needed something to go above our shelves in our laundry room so I came up with this.

This was so super easy, the hardest part was prying the boards off the actual pallet, that took a little time and muscle.  The first one came off pretty easy, so I thought it was going to be a piece of cake, but the rest took so much prying and pulling and hammering!  I totally broke a sweat, but once I got them off it was smooth sailing after that! :)

All I did was paint the boards white, then painted laundry onto it with a blue acrylic paint.  Total cost for this sign was under $2 because I had the white paint and the boards were from my husbands work! Score!! All I had to buy was the blue paint.

Jamie screwed in two boards on the back to hold them all together and then two smaller ones on the top to hang it by.

That's it! I love the way it looks in our laundry room, I'm almost finished getting everything just how I want it in there.  These things take time! And money, which is why I love projects like this, cheap and easy! :)

Have you done anything with wood pallets? 

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