Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I always have my phone with me and ususally capture the best moments with it, I have to be fast because the little guy doesn't sit still for longer than 1.5 seconds. So here is my past couple weeks in photos from my phone.

My family came downtown and ate lunch with me one day while I was at work, then we had to stop off at Pinkitzel for a yummy cupcake, let me tell you those things are SWEET! Sweet as in awesome, and as in I could barely finish mine because it was so much sugar. Or maybe I couldn't finish mine because I got two ;) Anyway...

This past weekend we went to Wichita to see Jamie's family. He showed me around his hometown and we stopped at this "Keeper of the Plains" monument.

Of course Mr. Muscles had to do his infamous pose. I have started to call him Adonis... It might be going to his head. LOL Just kidding. He works hard for that so he can show off if he wants ;)

The trip wore Cart out big time, we were only on the road about 5 minutes to head back home and he was out. With his new KU football and Blue in hand.
The clouds were so pretty on the way home. You would never know it was 109* out. UGH! I'm praying for nicer weather soon!

When we were in Florida the kids made these hand puppets, and Carter still remembered his name all this time later he put it on and said "Hi my names Simon"! LOL
Uh, might be time for a hair cut! HA HA this one just makes me laugh!

It's so amazing to me that these were just with my phone, instagram is such a fun way to add effects to your photos. It is funny to think how far technology has come, just 5 years ago I was so excited because my phone had a keyboard that slid out and I could have songs as my ringtone, I thought I was pretty cool too! LOL

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