Mini Spring Cupcakes

Hello! Happy Spring to you! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

A couple of weeks ago I made mini cupcakes for my friends baby shower, and I've kind of become obsessed with them. They are so cute and tiny! The perfect size for one bite, I feel way less guilty eating 6 of these bad boys than I do eating a couple regular sized ones.  And lets face it, I always eat more than one regular size cupcake and feel guilty so making these it a winner for me. lol 

Today I'm sharing this easy treat with you.  It is so easy because it came from a box! :) I am not much of a baker, I'll have to say.  I love to try out recipes for cakes and cookies, but they just never seem to be as good as the work and time they took to make them.  So I am not ashamed to say I use the mix straight from the box. :) And for these I used my favorite, which is confetti cake!

I also found some Spring colored sprinkles to top them off. 
What really had me excited about making these is that I realized mini cupcakes are the perfect size for an egg carton.  This makes it so easy to transport and makes an adorable neighbor gift!

I found these cartons in the Easter candy aisle at Wal-Mart for $1, they had marshmallow candies inside, but any egg  carton will work. I added this cute little tag to the top, to make it a little more festive, and so my neighbor didn't think I was randomly bringing her some eggs. ;)  

If you'd like this image you can right click and save as.
I'm so happy Spring is here! I think these bright and cheery cupcakes are a perfect way to celebrate.
I hope it starts feeling like it around here, I am ready for my flip flops! 
Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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