Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I've been a mom for 4 years now

Today is Carter's 4th birthday. He has grown up so much this year.  Every day he says something new that makes us laugh.  It is hard to believe he has been on this earth for 4 years, but when I think back to the morning that I had him, it seems like so long ago.  Jamie and I were just talking this morning about that day.  We had no clue what we were going to do.  We hardly knew each other it seemed, much less trying to raise a baby! But now here we are 4 whole years later and each day is better than the one before. 
We had so much fun with Carter this past year, he is our little buddy that has conversations with us and makes us laugh.
Some things small things that I don't want to ever forget:
When I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he says, I don't want to grow up.  Smart kid, I don't want to grow up either. ;)
His favorite color is green, just because it is Dad's favorite. Sometimes it is blue.
He wants to do everything just like Dad, not Mom.  He'll ask a question and if I answer he'll say, no I was just talking to Dad.
He loves, cars, trucks, vans and jeeps.  We literally have hundreds of hot wheels, and he plays with them all, lining them up saying they are parked and going to a party. He loves to point out every kind of car that we pass.  He has all the logos memorized. And always wants me to draw them out so he can guess which one it is.
He doesn't eat much, I am hoping this changes one day.  Nuggets, pizza, PB&J's, that's about it.
He is so sweet and tells us, I love you, multiple times a day. Even multiple times an hour for that matter lol.
He loves making new friends and will with anyone he meets.
He is rough and strong, like seriously could tackle me to the ground, lol. 
He is so easy going, what every we ask him to do he may not at first but then says, Alwright.
One of his new things he says is So... your wearing your black shirt today, huh? or So... you're cooking dinner huh?
When I put him to bed at night I lay next to him until he goes to sleep, if I think he is asleep and start to get up, he'll barley be able to open an eye and say still can't sleep, so I lay down for a few minutes longer, until his breathing lets me know he has drifted off into dream land.  I love these moments because it's the only time he is still and I just look at him and can't believe that he is so big and that he is mine.
He is Jamie and I's best friend.

These four years have flown by and I want to remember every little second of him because I know it will keep going faster and faster.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy! 

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  1. This is such a sweet post! It made me tear up reading it!

  2. Awww! Happy birthday, little cutie!

  3. Ohhh Happy Belated Birthday Carter!!!! To one of the COOLEST kids I know - you're going places buddy!...And Kim, you are truly one of the best moms...keep doing what you're doing :) I hope that Cory and I are blessed with a beautiful family like yours some day....

  4. Awww....I love that last picture. Kids that age our my favorite.

  5. Hi!!

    I remember holding my new little new born in my arms and thinking that, 'This is just going to go by so fast.' I already had a 6 yr old, so I knew what I was thinking was right. And then I thought it every time I breastfed.

    You see, I'm a diabetic and was told that my little new born was to be my last, so, every day at this stage, I cherished it more than anything. Now he just turned 22 and I really miss my babies. I am very lucky to have been able to have two healthy boys.

    I love all your pictures of your little guy!! It's great being a parent!!

    Have a great week!!