Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Garden Flag

I shared this Halloween Flag over at Delightfully Noted last week, I thought I would share it here too in case you missed it, my posts have been pretty light this month! I guess I have been busy! I did take the time to make this flag, which was really no time at all! See...

I just love the way a little garden flag can add a some personality to the front of your house.  This one didn't take long to make, with just a few simple steps.

First, I cut a piece of material 12" by 21"

Then I sewed around the edge of the fabric and frayed them out. 

Once I had the fabric done, I cut out a candy corn shape from felt.  I lined up the felt and kind of just sketched a shape with a sharpie then cut it out.  
After I had the shape cut out and lined up the way I wanted, I used fabric glue to glue the pieces together. Fabric glue holds up so well, I would have never thought, but once it dries, its going to be there a while! 

Then I cut three pieces of felt about 3" long, and glued the top and bottom to the back side of the fabric, in order to insert the flag rod through.

Finally, I used the fabric glue again, to attach the candy corn to the fabric, then hung it up! That's it! So simple, and there are so many variations you could to too, I thought a ghost or an owl would be cute, maybe a witches hat.  Not only is this easy, but it's really inexpensive as well.  Sometimes the flags you buy at the store can be pricey, but this is cheap and one of a kind! :) 

I love the gray chevron against the bright orange and yellow.  I think a giant candy corn says "Hey, this house is ready for Halloween!" :) I've had this hanging for a couple weeks, and even though it's fabric and felt, it is holding up nicely in the weather! 

I think Garden Flags are my new "thing" lol, so you know I'll be making a Thanksgiving and Christmas one! :)

There's still time for a few more Halloween Crafts, check out Delightfully Noted's Wicked Craft Week for some easy and cute ones! 
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  1. Chevron and candy corn, two of my favorite things. Very cute! :)

  2. VERY cute, I change my flag out several times a year! I need a christmas one here soon! happy halloween

  3. Just stopping by to invite you to My Wednesday Linky party.