Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Review

I can hardly believe that this is Carter's 3rd Halloween.  I put together a few highlights of the past two years.   His first Halloween he was 9 months old, and he was walking!  He was a chubby little monkey.  He is so long and lean now, I forget what a chunk he was.  LOL! He had no idea what was going on though, all he wanted was to get into that candy bowl.  During this time of his life he loved getting into everything, it was very hard to get a good picture of him.    Our dog Weezy had to get in on the costume as well. :)

So the next year we wanted a more comical costume and came up with Elvis.  As you can tell, he DID NOT like his Elvis wig, haha! He wouldn't leave it on for a second, he wouldn't hold his gold microphone either, so I guess he just ended up looking like a super hero.  By this time, he still didn't know exactly what was going on, but he did love running door to door.     

The week leading up to this Halloween Carter was determined NOT to go trick or treating.  He did not want to dress up at all, even for free candy.  We don't know what was up with him, but last night we laid out his outfit and then he wanted to put it on, and was really excited to go!  He got lots of candy and wanted it for breakfast this morning. :)  My little cute cowboy.

These years are going by so fast, but each one gets more and more fun! 
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