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I don't know what it is but Spring just makes me happy.   I know I have mentioned that a few times, but it really does.  I love having the windows open and feeling the cool breeze sweep through the house.  We have had a lot of fun with family these first few weeks of Spring soaking up the sun and the nice weather!  I love this time with Carter, he is growing up so fast.  Every day is more and more fun as he learns and becomes himself.  He is so sweet, and cracks us up all the time. I remember writing a long time ago, before he started to talk, and thinking how funny he was then, and wondering what he would be like once he began to say things.   His imagination is so big already, we already call him an actor because he will imitate things so well.  I just wanted to share a little bit of what has been going on in our lives the past few weeks, I never want to forget a second of this time in Carter's life, because I know it will fly by before we know it.

The last weekend in March we were in Dallas for my nieces birthday.  It was a princess party, so Carter dressed up as the Frog Prince.  I found the instructions for this here.  It was really simple and cuter than any other prince outfit I could have bought I think.  I really lucked out and found exactly what I needed at Target, a green hoodie. I thought for sure it would be impossible this time of year, but they had some, in his size no less! Score! It had a little patch on the front that said something, so I just covered it with felt and a crown.  The eyes for the frog are a ping pong ball cut in half, thank you Martha Stewart for the great idea! ;)

The princess party was so adorable my sister made everything so cute, Cinderella even came by to play games, and paint their faces.  It was a great time celebrating my little nieces birthday! 
The next day we went to the Dallas Arboretum, which is a huge landscaped place with beautiful flowers, we tried to get some cute pictures of the grandkids together, but it was not happening! They would much rather run up the hill and roll down, I mean who wouldn't? lol We even stopped and had a picnic under the shade, it was a beautiful day in the morning and the kids ran and rolled for a while.  Then the sun began to warm up and we headed home.  It was a relaxing morning before heading back to Oklahoma.
Over Easter weekend my sister and her family came up and it was great seeing them 2 weekends in a row!  My nieces came over for a sleep over, to which we died eggs in the backyard.  Carter loved throwing the eggs into each bowl, making the colored water splash up onto the girls, I don't think he has the patience yet for fine egg coloring. lol.  After they each got their eggs the exact shade they wanted, we played outside until it was dark. Oh and Carter also refused to wear pants that night, so it added to the excitement. lol! We only stayed in the backyard though, so don't judge. ;)
While they were here we went to an egg hunt, at a local family farm, they had a petting zoo, a maze, that we almost couldn't figure out how to get out of, and lot's of candy! The weather wasn't that great, but we had fun anyways.  Carter loves his cousins so much, it breaks my heart for him when he has to say goodbye when they leave. 
On Easter Sunday we went to church then had a big feast at my mom's, then we played outside even more.  While the guys napped inside, the the kids blew bubbles, and made up obstacle courses, pretended to be bears and alligators, it was a perfect afternoon of doing nothing but swinging on the porch and watching them play! 

 I am so thankful for the reason we even celebrate Easter! And am so thankful that my family all know the Love of Christ and that he died for us so we would have hope. I just pray that I can be a great example of God's love for Carter as he grows up. 
We have had an awesome beginning of Spring and have made some great memories so far.  Now we have to prepare for our family vacation this summer for even more fun! :)

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  1. I don't know which is cuter his prince outfit or the cute pic with the bunny ears!