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Pumpkin treat favors

I made this last minute pumpkin treat favor for the kids at our Thanksgiving.    I thought it would add a little fun for the kids, get them over the hump until Christmas!  These were so easy and I made a few in no time.    I got all the treats inside in the dollar section of Target, aka, the best section ever.   

Orange tissue paper
brown cardstock
1. Put the goodies in the middle of tissue paper.  I used 2 sheets per pumpkin.
2. Gather it up and secure it with tape.
3. Cut a strip of brown paper.  (brown paper bag would be good to use too)
4. Cut off the tissue above the tape, and wrap the stump with the brown paper. I used tape to secure it.
These are made to be ripped open, so they don't have to be perfect! 

There you have a pumpkin, you can add a name or leave it as is.  
I tied green yarn I had around it and made a little name tag. 

I think the kiddos will like getting a little extra something this year, and have fun ripping them open to see what's inside! 

If you don't already have too much to do before Thursday give them a try! :)

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  1. hi. new follower here. love the name of your blog as well as the creativity behind it. cool t-shirt scarf. crafty, my friend.
    thanks and i'll be back to do some more perusing.

  2. oops. didn't mean tshirt...meant paper pumpkin. might have to steal that idea. thanks for sharing.

  3. So fun! What an adorable idea! I'm so happy you shared this @ Show & Share--thank you!