Sunday, December 2, 2012

Candy Cane Wreath

Hi! Happy December! If you read my last post about our Elf on the Shelf experience, I have to say it is going a little better, we have put "Simon" out everyday and Carter laughs when he sees him, but still is like, yea I don't want him around. LOL. But, not only did Carter rain on my Elf on the Shelf dreams parade, he isn't really liking the Christmas music I've been playing.  Seriously kid? And I was giving my husband about getting into the spirit this year, and here Carter turns out to be the Scrooge. LOL! No, he's not that bad, I guess he just doesn't want to waste his time listening to Jingle Bell Rock, when he needs to listen to Prince's Purple Rain for the 150th time (for real lol). He is so funny, I never would have thought having a kid would be so entertaining. ;) 
So I digress, I wasn't really planning on making a Christmas wreath this year, but I had a wreath form already. And I found this bright and blingy red ribbon that inspired me.  It didn't require gluing, so that always cuts down on burns time.  Here's what I did...

For this I needed:
A wreath form wrapped in white fabric
red ribbon
stems and picks in various shapes from Hobby Lobby
straight pins 
I started this wreath out with THIS one I made last summer.  The fabric was pinned on so I just took it off and it left me with a white base.  
 I pinned the beginning of the ribbon to the back of the wreath then wrapped it tightly around,  then just pinned it in place. 

Next I stuck the stems and picks under the ribbon, which was tight so I didn't need any glue or pins for this, they just stayed in place. 

Once I got my sticks how I liked, I used another red ribbon (this time mesh, I got it for $1 at Dollar General) and tied it into a bow. Then pinned it onto the wreath.   I kind of just tucked and pinned until it looked good. 

That's it! 

I LOVE it! And since it's pinned I can just take the embellishments off and reuse the white base after Christmas.

So, I think that is all for my DIY Christmas decorating, now onto presents! :) 
Thanks for checking it out, have a great week!

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