Tuesday, January 31, 2012

easy book page letter

I'm all about initials, since I got married I think I put a "D" in every corner of our home! I was really happy to go from W all the way up the alphabet to D! Oh Yeah! :)
So, after I saw one of my friends cover her last name initial in book pages I knew I had to do it too.   I actually bought a cardboard D to make my own embossed metal letter, but I never got around to it, so I covered it with pages from a book instead.  All I did was cut pieces from the book and modge podge them on.  That's all! 
I love the old timey feeling it gives off, and of course I can't let anything go just plain, so I had to add a flower. ;)  I simply cut a circle out of burlap and and circle out of scrapbook paper.  I crinkled the paper a little  so it would look more like a flower, then added a button.  Really can't get any easier than this project.

Just one book can go a long ways too, I have made a few book page wreaths, this letter, and a few more little things using the paper, you can score books for next to nothing at garage sales! On a side note, I got this lamp at Dollar General, if you need a cheap lamp go there! Seriously it was like $7.

Anyway, this is just another simple way to personalize your home for next to nothing!


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Monday, January 23, 2012

Embossed letter

Hi friends, I hope everyone is having a great first of the year! I'll admit after Christmas my crafting has died down a little, and it is about this time of the year that I start dreaming of spring and garage sales. :)  Although, here in Oklahoma we are lucky enough to have had a VERY mild winter season so far.  I do not like winter, so I'm pretty happy about it!  We had fun celebrating Cart's birthday last weekend, we had it at a gymnastics place.  Adults could even get in on the fun in the foam pit, and yes it was FUN!  I think it would be my husbands dream to have a foam pit in our backyard. ;) I wouldn't be opposed though, those things are awesome!

Let me just say.. how hard is it getting a 3 year old to take a good picture?  Literally can't do it, I have accepted that all of his pictures from this stage will be blurry, eyes closed, hand on face, or something to that effect.  But we did manage to get an ok one together. Hooray! :)

So anyway, I haven't made anything recently but I wanted to share a gift I made for a friend last year that I thought was different, an Embosses "Metal" Letter.
Have you ever seen those cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby?  The are so light weight and you can do so many things with them! Wrap them, paint them, glue them, etc.  I love them, and they are super cheap!
I have seen a lot of faux metal letters around lately and I love that look, but I wanted to add a little more to it.  I love texture on stuff so I thought it would be cool to do embossed letters on the letter.

I started out with the cardboard letter and cut lots of G's out of card stock using my silhouette machine, I just did random fonts, upper and lower case.  Using modge podge I glued them on.   After that, I painted it all white.
I used a metallic acrylic paint with a dry brush, I painted it then wiped it off, over and over until I liked how it looked.
So this is how it came out. I gave this as a gift, so I didn't end up taking any cute pictures of it, but I think you get the idea.   I love how it looks all industrial-ish. :)  I'll have to make myself one!

I have seen where you can use hot glue, or Elmer's glue and paint over it to achieve the embossed look as well.  Here are some cool ones I have come across.

Here is really cute idea from Shanty 2 Chic with chipboard.  LOVE those Shanty 2 Chic girls.

This one from Virginia and Charlie uses puffy paints, I love that design she did.

You can take all of these techniques in so many directions too.  Fun stuff! ;) 
Yesterday I was just anxiously tapping my toes saying ugh I wish Hobby Lobby was open on Sunday so I could get my craft on! lol
I think I will be getting some stuff done this week, I have so many ideas in my head that I need to just hurry up and do!
Thanks for checking in, hope you all have a great week!


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Last week Shay from Raising Dieter gave me the Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you so much Shay!! 
What is this award you say, I said the same thing, so after googling around I found that Liebster is German for dearest, beloved, or favorite. (only from google correct me if I'm wrong on this!)  The award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers.  It is a way to show love, encouragement, and appreciation to other bloggers, and introduce other blogs to new readers.  Sounds great to me! :)

The idea is to choose 3-5 other bloggers that you would like to pass this onto.  Here are mine!

Bethany from Pitter and Glink, she is so talented, cute, and sweet! Check her out she is always posting great tutorials! 

Jennifer from The Brilliant Crafty Type I think she is brilliantly crafty! :)

Jamie from Queen of the Creek, I love the way she writes, and she always makes me laugh!

Last but not least is my real life friend Natalie, from Love on Lake Park Lane who is one of the most talented ladies I know! Love her, and just wanted to give her a shout out! :)

Go check out all of the ladies and spread the love!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goodwill jewelry box

So I'm always finding my hubby's wedding ring and watch laying around, and I am afraid he's going to lose his ring one of these days.  I saw this jewelry box at Goodwill for $2 and new it could be a place to keep his ring safe!  It just needed a little help. And Jamie said he didn't want a "jewelry box" so we'll just call it a watch box. ;)

Before... Yikes! Old school, but I loved how straight lined it was. I saw the potential.

First I painted the top yellow, I used a chevron stencil and then sprayed the whole thing white.  After painting and removing the stencil it looked like this.  Are chevrons like so 2011?  Maybe, but I will always love how they look!  It's definitely one trend thats staying in our house a while. :)

So anyway, I thought it needed more so I added a skinny gray chevron that I cut with my silhouette.  

Eh? I still wasn't satisfied so I popped off the front embellishment and filled the key hole with wood filler.  This Elmer's Wood Filler is awesome, it dries fast and sands right down! 

So this is what it looked like after I sanded the wood filler and painted over it.

BUT... I STILL didn't love it 100% so I took the gray vinyl off and added a couple of felt flowers.  
And now I do LOVE it!! :) Oh yeah, felt flowers save the day again!

  Now, will the hubby use a pretty flowery jewelry box?  We shall see... haha! Either way, it looks great in our room! 

Shopping at the Goodwill can become addicting for me!!  With a little spray paint anything can be transformed! 
 I hope I have inspired you to give something old a new life! :)

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Monday, January 9, 2012

3 years

Yesterday my little boy turned 3 years old.   Time really goes by so fast once you have a little one.  Everyone says it, now I know it is true.   He is such a sweetheart and I don't remember life without him.   

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy, no matter how hold you get you always be my BABY!! 

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Wreath

My baby boy is turning 3 this weekend, I cannot believe it has been 3 years since he was born.  Although, him being a tiny baby seems like a lifetime ago!  
Now that Christmas is over I don't have a wreath on the door anymore, and since Cart's birthday is right after Christmas it gave me the idea of a Birthday Wreath!   I thought it would be fun to have something bright and colorful to put out when ever it is one of our birthdays.  
I LOVE this wreath, I really do.   I love the bright colors, it just makes me want to smile! 

The asymmetry was inspired by the Christmas Wreath I made a few weeks ago, I really like the one sided look.  So with that I knew I wanted to use felt.  It's so easy to work with and looks so soft and cozy. 
I wrapped a wreath with white yarn, then cut out a bunch of circles.  This was another one of those things I did while zoning out to one of "my shows". lol  
I folded them in half and in half again to make the ruffly look.  Then glued them on with hot glue.
I used the larger circles to map out where I wanted what color.
 It took quite a bit of time to glue all the little circles on.  But it was worth it!! :) 
Bright and cheery!  Definitely taking those Winter blues away! 

I didn't actually glue the bunting banner on, so I can change it out to different occasions if I want.   By the way, I'm addicted to making wreaths, yea, I'll admit it. HA!  

Here is another version, many different ways to use the same wreath! 

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