Thursday, August 19, 2010

One of my favorite sounds!

Untitled from Kimberly on Vimeo.

This is Carter laughing at Grandma baaaaing like a sheep. It was really cracking him up, he is so funny, I just love his laugh!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isn't he a little young for this?

I thought kids started rolling their eyes at you when they were teenagers! HA HA Guess he was tired of me trying to get a video of him dancing! :)

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally an Update!

I think its safe to say I don't really keep up with this blog as much as I thought I would! Considering all of winter has passed with only 1 post.
What have we been up to this winter? Not much, trying to stay warm inside, wishing it was nice enough to let Carter run off some energy out in the sun.
It was one of the snowiest winters I can remember. We had 2 blizzards and snow on the first day of Spring!
But now the worst is over and I can look forward to garage sales and spray paint again! :)
I say and think it all the time, but time is flying by! ugh Carter is now almost 15 months old???
So whats new with him? He likes to climb, on everything!!
Don't mind the neon orange "warning do not stand on toy" sticker on the back. lol

He dive bombs the couch and buries his head into the cushion, hikes a leg up and pulls with all his might to squirm up there. He's now mastered this and does it in about 1.2 seconds. We have the ottoman wedged into the corner of the sectional so he has a full platform to bounce around on.

He's not a big talker yet, he's too busy trying to figure out how he can get on the next tall item. He still cracks us up everyday, I can't wait until he does talk though I can't imagine the funny things he will say! Especially if he is anything like his dad.

Lets see... early in January Katy got married. I almost fainted during the ceremony, so that was a real treat. Ha, I started to see spots and looked at Jennie and said, I think I'm going to pass out. The look on her face of "uh oh" was enough to send me over, but I looked at the ground and kept breathing. The sheer thought of passing out during her wedding in front of everyone made it so much worse!! Luckily it was one of the shortest ceremonies ever! The rest of the night was just fine! haha
She had a beautiful, fun ceremony at the Civic Center here is a link to some of her pictures by our favorite photographer.
Then came February, Emma's 6th birthday. They had a petting zoo come to the house, poor Carter was not feeling good at all that day. He did get to enjoy the animals for a little bit though.
Maybe one day we will get a decent family picture, until then they all will just have to look like this:
Haha, We've tried many many times and this is the best we can do every time! Carter will not stay still for one second.

Now it is already the end of March, I can't believe it. Jamie's birthday was on the 13th and I got us both iPhones as a surprise. He was really surprised, and I was happy to have something new myself. New and awesome as a matter of fact :)
Then, on March 21st Jamie and I had our 1 year anniversary. We made it! ;) We celebrated by getting Marble Slab ice cream. That was our big adventure for the whole day, which was kind of nice.
Since it is now spring I am feeling the crafting bug again, so I had to make a new wreath for our front door. Not only was the fall wreath still up, it was lopsided and very sad looking. I had seen this wreath and thought it was so cute. So one Sunday I worked on this all day long. I just kept my glue gun plugged in and glued Lima beans on it in between doing mom things.
Gluing, gluing and more gluing...
But I am pretty proud of how it came out! And just like that blog I saw it on I can just spray it another color if I feel like it.
I also finished up my wall decor thing I've been putting off forever, thanks to Jamie and his hanging skills for this because I couldn't have ever gotten them all straight like he did.
This cost less than $15 and could not have been any easier! They cut the wood for you at Home Depot, and just glue on scrapbook paper, voila! That's it!
So other than those things we have been chasing around the little maniac known as our son. Here are some more pictures just because he is so cute!
He loves this little scooter, he will pick it up and practically throw it around.

When we are out he always tries to get away from me, as he wrestles away from me a stranger will try to hold him back and then they are like "wow he's strong". I'm like yes, VERY! This happened at church on Sunday and then at Little Gym. Also, at Little Gym this week, he was squatting to pick up a huge cylinder shape mat and he looked like the strongest man contest when they pick up the heavy barrels, it was literally twice his size! It was pretty funny.

Here he is doing more tricks on his favorite toy.

I guess this is what happens when your two older cousins are girls :)So coming up in the next months Jessica and I are preforming Zumba at the halftime show of a Thunder game. It's like salsa type dancing/exercise class we take once a week, so when they asked who wanted to do it at the game we said Why not!?
We are also running the 5k at the OKC Memorial Marathon at the end of April.
That is basically a small recap of what we have been up to all winter. I'm going to try and keep up with this blog a little more, because later on I can look back like a little journal for what was going on with us!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My baby's not a baby anymore

On January 8th Carter turned 1 year old. I cannot believe how fast a year can go by, this being the fastest ever!
It seems like it was yesterday we were in the hospital. Everyday leading up to his arrival I would go over lists and lists of things to take to the hospital, which items I still needed to get for him, stress over what I was going to wear home, and what he would wear home even. Everything in his room was so organized and in its perfect place. I had know idea how much none of those things would matter once he was here! Here I am about to pop on New Years last year! YOWZA!

It looks like I'm saying "get out of there mister!"
I had no clue what to do with a baby, I went to classes and read A LOT of books, none can truly prepare you for it though. Everyday is a learning experience.
When he finally arrived it was almost as if he had been with us all a long. I some how automatically knew what to do, I could hold him and feed him and change him without worrying I would break him. He was so small and so swaddled up like a little burrito, only his tiny face peaking out!

He was just so small, look at him coming home from the hospital!

Just a day before he was in my belly! Its funny how for the first 8 months of his life we took this carrier everywhere, in the house back out to the car, into restaurants and into stores. Now that he's grown out of it I haven't thought about it since. Everything he does is like that, once he learns something new it's as if he has always been that way.
This is him only a few weeks old, he would always hold his hands up when he slept, and then flail them around every now and then, so we gave him the nickname The Maestro. I love this picture of him! Now if I put a hat on him it comes straight off, here, he had no idea what was going on :)
As the months went by he began to show signs of his true personality, he is an explorer to say the least, never still! At 5 months he started sitting up on his own, this didn't last long, he was crawling a few weeks later!
Eating food for the first time, he looks a little stunned, haha This is him with Grandma Deneci's glasses on, it makes me laugh every time! Mr. Magoo!

Fast forward a few months and he is walking and he understands what I'm saying. Since he started walking at 9 months he's now a pro, well really he is running, especially when I say "what do you have?" plus an expression like this:
He is so funny, we crack up at him every night. He climbs on everything he can now, he will push his toys to the ottoman to stand up on it, once he's made it he thinks he's really done something. He'll smile then lose his balance, with a panicked look, but then stand straight back up and grin even bigger. He also chases Weezy around, when Weezy gets his one burst of energy for the day he'll sprint through the house and Carter will squeal with is arms up as Weezy whisks by.
I cannot believe he is one years old. This past year was probably the craziest ever, nothing I could have ever expected! Jamie and I have thought about things we wouldn't have ever before, things like cabinet latches, Olivia the pig, sippy cups and the list goes on and on!

~He is just the best thing in the world!! I can't wait to see what he does this next year~

He is 24lbs and 32 1/2" tall, the 75th percentile in weight and 97th in height. We had is 12 month check up today and everything looked good!

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